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   Chapter 758 A Present For Austin

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Jim couldn't help but laugh when he saw Austin activate the three Spiritual Sword Auras so as to attack him.

He was sincerely enjoying watching Austin struggle so feebly.

The whole situation was quite akin to a cat toying around with a mouse, its prey, before eating it up.

Jim, naturally, was the cat and Austin was the mouse.

"Well, boy, don't be sad. Once I swallow your spiritual souls, you will become a part of me.

Maybe one day, I will live in the world as you, with your identity.

I will treat your relatives, friends and wives kindly."

Jim taunted Austin and slowly walked up to his spiritual souls.

Austin felt his spiritual souls suffocating under the pressure of Jim's spiritual sense.

'Am I doomed to die this way, right now?' Austin thought.

He recalled his past. Long ago, he was only a nameless disciple of the Sun Sect, but after years of efforts, he had become a master.

Thinking of what he had suffered and gone through, Austin realized a death such as this would be unacceptable.

With no solution in his head, Austin was reeling in despair.

Suddenly, a stream of strong and powerful sword intent burst out and soared into the sky.

Austin felt humming sounds echoing in his Soul Sea. Abundant sword intent and sword silhouette shrouded the whole area, blotting out the sky and covering the sun.

"What's that?"

Jim said in puzzle. He also noticed the abnormal phenomenon.

Austin got quite delighted, for his attempt had brought him good results.

The next moment, a powerful ray of sharp sword-light spurted out from Austin's Soul Sea.

Then the sword-light turned into a faint shadow of the Sword Emperor. The Sword Emperor stood proudly with his hands clasped behind his back. The sword auras around him were quite strong.

The emperor exalted a regal air. He looked so domineering that the whole word seemed to be under his rule.

"A piece of will at the Imperial Stage, belonging to the Sword Emperor!

Boy, I would have never thought that there would be a strand of Sword Emperor's will in your Soul Sea!"

Jim murmured, unwilling to accept it.

"Well, I know your spiritual souls are at the Holy Stage.

What do you want? Do you plan

sacrifice himself for Austin's sake.

"Don't be so reluctant. I am just a piece of will, not the real Sword Emperor.

Even though I don't explode myself, I will eventually disappear when my power is consumed.

As practitioners of swordsmanship, we should be indomitable and brave.

Cultivators shouldn't be indecisive,"

the Sword Emperor said furiously, as if Austin had gravely disappointed him.

Without giving Austin a chance to respond, the Sword Emperor turned his back on him.

Jim was busy in activating the great power of his spiritual sense and using it to attack the Sword Emperor.

The Sword Emperor was also fully urging his sword intents and sword auras to resist the force of Jim's spiritual souls.

But the power of Jim's spiritual souls was superior.

Jim kept advancing while the Sword Emperor had to keep stepping back.

""Ha-ha! Is this the power of the Sword Emperor's will?

So pathetic and mediocre!

I have never fought with anyone at the Imperial Stage.

But today I am lucky enough to fight with you. I will destroy you and enjoy the success of ruining your spiritual sense.

Jim was sure that he was going to win and laughed in arrogance.

"Hah! If the real body of mine was here, you would have been a nobody and I'd have killed you easily with just a finger!"

The Sword Emperor snorted.

"Ha-ha, it is a pity that your real body isn't here."

Jim laughed and said, not caring about what the Sword Emperor thought.

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