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   Chapter 757 Austin Gets Injured

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There was no way Jim would stand by and watch over 40 cultivators leave the altar and just do nothing.

His spiritual soul transformed into a huge shade, and like a hawk, it dove at the cultivators.

The shadow in the sky released the spiritual sense which also attacked the fleeing cultivators.

All the cultivators' spiritual souls were suppressed by an intangible force. They were all left breathless and exhausted.

Austin, the gnome and the four Master Realm warriors were in a better situation than the rest.

Those warriors at the premium stage of Imperial Realm were discouraged.

They even slowed down.

Jim manipulated those spiritual black chains to attack the panic-stricken cultivators.

The chains came at the cultivators like strong black waves.

Souls also flocked towards them from all directions.

The chains were able to catch three Imperial Realm warriors in one go.

Chained and struggling, they cried out as their spiritual souls separated from their bodies.

Jim appeared in front of the spiritual souls. With his giant hand, he snatched up the souls and guzzled them quickly.

After seeing this, Austin and the gnome continued to attack the chains with their spiritual senses to keep them from hurting other warriors.

They knew handling those chains had consumed much their spiritual sense.

However, they didn't have another choice.

The more warriors' souls Jim consumed, the more powerful he became. They knew they needed to save those cultivators.

When the souls approached the warriors, Austin would activate Soul-transforming Skill to draw energy from their souls.

After some practicing, he was beginning to master his Soul-transforming Skill.

Taking care of those souls was an easy task for him. In an instant, he was able to cleanse and reset 100 souls.

"Ah ha! I finally made it,"

someone outside the altar exclaimed cheerfully.

It was Tyson.

"Ha-ha. Me too."

"I almost became that old man's food."

At this point, the four Master Realm warriors had managed to successfully flee the altar.

The warriors at the premium stage of Imperial Realm were still trapped in the altar. After all, compared to the four at the Maste

ng from his mouth, and his face turned deathly pale.

"Kid, are you alright?"

The gnome made his appearance beside Austin and saw that he was not doing well.

He knew he needed to help. The gnome infused a soft beast soul energy into Austin's head to protect his Soul Sea.

"This old man has such a spooky spiritual sense," Austin remarked.

With the gnome's help, Austin's soul was freed from the spiritual sense's attack.

He wiped the blood off of his lips and a small smile began to form.

While Austin and the gnome battled Jim, the rest of the warriors at the premium stage of Imperial Realm were able to flee the altar successfully.

"Thank God, I'm finally out!"

"I'm alive. I fled that hell and survived!"


The Imperial Realm warriors were overjoyed to have survived.

"But that young man is still trapped in the altar." "Ahh."

Several Imperial Realm warriors were worried about Austin. They felt they owed him since he risked his life to save them.

"Don't think we're safe because we escaped from that altar.

This Illusory Palace is that old man's place.

So we are still in danger.

We don't have time to worry about that brat's safety.

What we should do is escape this Illusory Palace as soon as possible."

Tyson snorted coldly.

The rest just stared and nodded.

The four Master Realm cultivators and over 30 warriors at the premium stage of Imperial Realm immediately headed for the gates of the palace.

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