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   Chapter 755 Escaping From The Altar With Joint Efforts

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The City Guardian was already at the brink of death when Austin rescued him. And at that moment, he stood beside the four Master Realm cultivators and simply stared speechless at Austin.

"Castellan, did that guy just save me?"

the City Guardian asked softly in a low but surprised voice. He was still conflicted whether he would feel gratitude or anger towards Austin after he saved him.

A tide of change silently swept through the crowd. Everyone, including the four Master Realm cultivators, slowly turned their attention and stared in utter amazement and disbelief at Austin.

This young man was definitely special as compared to the ordinary cultivators.

How else could you explain a cultivator who had only a cultivation base at the medium stage of Sky Realm yet was able to do something like this?

"The young man's spiritual sense is extremely strong!

It's even stronger than mine!"

Jake said, his voice filled with excitement and awe.

"Maybe he can save us from this situation."

A few Imperial Realm cultivators started exclaiming, as if they saw Austin as their savior.

Despite the fact that what they were thinking sounded ridiculous. After all, why would an Imperial Realm master take such a risk and entrust his life to a meager medium stage of Sky Realm cultivator who was still wet behind his ears.

However, being stuck in a dire situation, their desperation to survive was more important than their prides. Any glimmer of hope was very much welcomed, and they would latch on to it no matter how crazy it might be.

Desperate times, called for desperate measure after all. Even a drowning man would hold on to a small twig, if it meant survival.

"We should leave this altar at once. Staying here any longer would impair our spiritual senses, to the point that we might lose 40% of our maximum strength.

This is the only way for us to escape from this place and survive."

These cultivators had already stayed on the altar for so long, hence, their vital energy and spiritual sense were being depleted excessively.

But delaying their stay further was actually advantageous for Jim.

So Austin immediately activated his spiritual sense and began sending out messages to every cultivator present via the Soul Sea. Time was against them, so they must act quickly.

"Young man, we also want to leave the altar more than you know. But there are countless magic arrays around the altar, and it is impossible to get out."

Jake replied honestly and sternly. He also sent a message back to Austin's Soul Sea using his spiritual sense.

Although his message was direct to the point, politeness was still evident in his use of words.

"You don't have to worry about that. All you need to do is to follow the right direction and escape as fast as you possibly can. Speed is everything here. I will remove the magic arrays for you so that you can escape."

Austin answered, confidence and the desire to help was written all over his face.

After hearing the conviction in Austin's voice, Jake didn'

chaotic scene unfold before their very eyes. In fear of experiencing what their comrades were going through, they constantly kept the illusions at bay from entering their Soul Sea.

When Austin saw the situation, he immediately activated his mind, and a powerful spiritual sense surged out like a tornado, blowing through the cultivators in order to drive away the illusions.

The gnome decided to help as well, and quickly raised his claw forward. Then a huge claw shaped object created using the beast soul energy flew and pummeled the illusions in front of the helpless cultivators.


The cultivators who were imprisoned within the illusions suddenly heard a series of voices ringing in their Soul Sea.

Then the illusions instantly faded away, like snow melting under the intense heat of the sun.

While the rest of the cultivators who were fighting off the illusions instantaneously felt the strong pressure caused by the forceful illusions decreasing away.

Although the spiritual sense power of Austin and the gnome were technically no match against Jim's, and were not capable of fighting him in a one-on-one battle, however, they were still able to destroy the magic arrays using their combined strength. Because two was still better than one.

Freed from the nasty illusions, all of the cultivators joyfully sped up and ran even faster.

Fueled by their renewed hope of surviving the ordeal, all of them unexpectedly tapped into their infinite potentials and was able to run at a speed which was faster than their usual one.

"How dare you!"

At this moment, Jim, who growled furiously out of rage, finally left his position and rushed towards the fleeing cultivators in order to chase them down himself.

Now, it had been very regretful in Jim's heart.

He regretted being hasty and impatient. He should have had waited patiently until the very end of the sacrifice before luring Austin into the Illusory Palace. This predicament would have been avoided if it hadn't been for his stupid mistake.

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