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   Chapter 754 Bell The Cat

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Only the men of the Flying Fish Sect, the Iron Palm Sect and the Evergreen Sect, who were left on the altar, had witnessed Austin's power.

Although Austin's cultivation base seemed relatively normal, they knew that the young man was far more stronger than he looked. His appearance would never give out the true potential he possessed.

But they didn't have a clue about how powerful Austin really was. They presumed that he had a stronger body and a quicker bodily movement skill than others.

In their opinion, Austin was at the medium stage of Imperial Realm.

In other words, the men on the altar didn't think of Austin as a real cultivator. They thought Austin was just a strong man but lacked self-knowledge.

It was Malick in particular who regarded Austin as a nobody. So he didn't show any respect towards him.

If it was not for the situation and conditions in front of them, he would have cut Austin into pieces already.

Looking at their faces, Austin was able to understand what they was on their mind. He knew people often despised him. Unless they needed him, they were willing to kill him. He got the same vibes even now.

"Jake! Help!"

A City Guardian dressed in black suddenly screamed out when the people were confused by Austin's unexpected invasion.

Out of the blue, more than ten dark chains struck the man from behind. Each of the chains was as thick as an arm.

The City Guardian in black had been regarding Austin with defiance and making fun of his ignorance and arrogance a few moments ago.

He had been so engrossed in ridiculing Austin that he didn't realize what was happening around him. He was unaware when those ten dark chains were coming towards him. In moments he was in their grip.

It was too late to escape. The dark chains had already swept through his body and appeared in his Soul Sea.

The chains quickly tied up his spiritual souls tightly and towed them out of his Soul Sea.

The spiritual souls of the City Guardian looked terrified as they were pulled out.

At the same time, numerous chains appeared from nowhere and began to attack the crowd. There was chaos all around.

No one rushed to save the City Guardian. All were running here and there to escape from those chains. They could hardly save themselves.

The chains were much stronger than anything they had ever seen.

Everyone, including the four cultivators at the Master Realm, was busy in their

of spiritual sense wrapped around Austin with a fierce momentum, making it difficult for him to breathe.

The spiritual souls in his Soul Sea also were able to sense the crisis right away.

'His spiritual sense is too strong, '

Austin was surprised to see what happened.

Without any hesitation, Austin fought against the giant hand with his Spiritual Sense Spears.

At the same time, he used his Thunderbolt Movement Skill to escape Jim's attack.

"Hmm, you surprise me. You are such a young man, yet you are almost able to transform your spiritual sense into liquid."

Jim realized how powerful Austin's spiritual sense was and couldn't conceal his admiration.

He had observed Austin carefully before, but he wasn't able get access to his Soul Sea because of Austin's strong spiritual sense.

Although he knew Austin's spiritual sense was mightier than his cultivation base, he didn't know exactly at which level Austin was.

Now, since his giant palm met Austin's Spiritual Sense Flying Spear, Jim found out that Austin was so close to have the ability to transform spiritual sense into liquid. It was something not many could do.

That was far beyond Jim's imagination.

'What! This boy...!' Jim still couldn't believe the truth.

The men on the altar witnessed how easily Austin had beaten more than ten dark chains, saved the City Guardian, and had even hit back Jim.

Austin looked confident and relaxed in the whole fight.

"Is that man really at the medium stage of Sky Realm?" the crowd wondered. There were many thoughts and questions in their mind as their eyes were fixed on Austin.

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