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   Chapter 754 Finding Out The Truth

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Honestly, Jim's spiritual sense was extremely strong. He immediately felt what had happened moments ago.

When all the beast soul energy which extended around Jim was crashed to pieces, the gnome also took a step back, uttering a slight snort.

"Gnome, are you alright?"

On noticing the gnome's movement, Austin and Violet asked in unison.

"I'm fine. Don't worry! A little injury like this doesn't mean anything to me!"

The gnome shook his head and comforted them.

After steadying his breath, the gnome continued to talk with them, "Austin, judging by the thoughts that I felt in this old man's mind, this one would not be kind to us. We ought to be careful around him.

When I probed into his mind, I learnt after scratching through the ideas in his mind that he plans to attach his soul to other's body. And his target seems to be you!"

The gnome stopped and looked at Austin to let him take in the information.

"Attaching his soul to other's body? Does he plan to rob my body and replace me?"

Austin was surprised to hear that and fell blank. But he had to be clear what the intentions of the man were and how he was to prevent it from happening.

Austin certainly knew the meaning of attaching one's soul to other's body. It was from his past experience. When he was still at the cultivation base of the Energy Gathering Realm, he had been almost replaced by a monkey who had succeeded in entering his Soul Sea. At that time, his spiritual souls were almost ruined by the monkey's attack.

He glanced at the sacrificial altar which was at a distance from them. It was the place where Jim's old withered body was guarded by dozens of corpse demons.

A previous memory flashed before his eyes. Austin recollected the time when Jim had invited him to meet him in the middle of the city. At that time, this old castellan had repeatedly praised Austin's potential and talents.

Now as Austin thought over it again, he finally understood the reason why Jim had invited him to meet there. It was clear that he had planned to rob Austin's young body and attach his soul to replace him!

Jim was really sinister. He could stoop to the lowest levels.

Austin's perspective was always firm. He would not flinch from his ideology. He believed in the principle that he would never provoke others, if others did not offend him. However, if someone attacked him, he would not compromise or let it go.

Therefore, he felt a fury rage within him. Once he found out about Jim's plan, he could not believe that he was almost cheated by Jim.

"Austin, this old man's spiritual sense will become stronger and stronger each time he eats the spiritual souls of other cultivators of the Imperial Realm. After


"Oh, really?

So, the way you are eating those people's spiritual souls is called the Sacrifice Array.

Well, now I know that. Just wait and watch. Let's see whether you are able to complete your array smoothly!"

Austin immediately directed his voice to the gnome by spiritual sense. He had to give him certain instructions.

"Go and unite with those cultivators who are remaining there on the altar. Let's work together to stop this Sacrifice Array!"

At the same time, he too rushed towards the four cultivators of the Master Realm.

After a short discussion, he got to know that, except Malick, the other three cultivators of the Master Realm were the castellans of this weird city. And they were also the disciples of Jim, who was the real castellan of this weird city.

Austin was shocked that Jim was even making use of his disciples for this Sacrifice Array.

At that moment, besides those four cultivators of the Master Realm, there were around forty refiners of the Imperial Realm on the altar.

These forty refiners of the Imperial Realm who persisted Jim's attacks till now were definitely at the strongest level of the Imperial Realm. Every one of them had the cultivation base of the premium stage of Imperial Realm.

When they heard that Austin was planning to stop Jim's Sacrifice Array, they could not stop themselves and had sarcastic looks on their faces.

Four cultivators of the Master Realm and so many refiners of the Imperial Realm had struggled for a long time but could not stop this Sacrifice Array. Neither did they have any method to run away from this altar.

Austin had only the cultivation base of the medium stage of Sky Realm and he dared to challenge and make plans to stop Jim's Sacrifice Array. Their mind had just one question - Was this a fantasy?

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