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   Chapter 751 Beast Soul Energy

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When Jim talked to Austin using his spiritual sense, the gnome appeared in thin air.

Austin marveled at the gnome's impressive teleportation ability. 'Compared to my bodily movement skills which allow me to be invisible for a short period of time, the gnome's ability to travel through space is much cooler, ' he thought.

Using his spiritual sense, the gnome called out to Austin, "It seems like that old man's spiritual souls are severely damaged.

He is devouring those cultivators' spiritual souls with some kind of evil skills. It looks like he is trying to draw the energy from their spiritual souls to heal his own soul.'

Austin was astonished.

"So you think that Jim is feeding off of those warriors' spiritual souls?" he asked.

The gnome nodded, and explained what he had just witnessed.

"How do you know Jim is badly injured? How are you certain that he is consuming those cultivators' spiritual souls in order to recover his own?"

Austin didn't hesitate to ask questions. He was curious and slightly doubtful.

"I acquired teleportation ability, and I have a stronger beast soul energy than most,"

the gnome replied.

"What is beast soul energy?"

Austin had never heard of beast soul energy, which surprised him.

"Beast soul energy refers to our mental power, but humans usually call it spiritual sense.

A few human cultivators focus on practicing and honing their spiritual senses. The number of us beasts that have beast soul energy is even smaller than the number of you human warriors that have a powerful spiritual sense.

As demonic beasts, we earn our beast soul energy only when we become Beast Masters.

But there is an exception. Some special species start to

s, I will come to you.

Besides, do you really think you can escape from this Illusory Palace?"

His voice was stiff. He ignored Austin and continued to devour the spiritual souls.

'Now that he is in the Illusory Palace, he is bound to be my prey. I don't think he can find a way out, ' the old man thought confidently.

The act was over. Austin was stuck. Now, he could stop pretending to be nice to Austin.

"Excuse me? What the hell does that mean?" Austin asked.

Austin knew it was a threat.

'This old man! I knew he was evil, ' he thought.

Until now he was certain that Jim had invited him there under evil pretenses.

'He lured us here. Was he also trying to eat our spiritual souls too?

The gnome said that his spiritual soul is severely injured. Therefore, he must want to absorb as many souls as possible to repair his, ' he pondered.

"You should channel your spiritual sense to my Soul Seal to guard my soul for the time being. I will try to read that old man's mind to figure out his plans!"

the gnome said to Austin through spiritual sense.

"Will it work?"

Austin was surprised to hear his advice.

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