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   Chapter 751 Meeting The Lord Of The City At Last (Part Two)

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As expected, Violet knew the answer.

"Teleporting across a short distance? Space Teleportation? Well, this little guy never ceases to surprise me,"

Austin exclaimed. He was quite impressed.

"Quite a fantastic beast, isn't it? By the way, Master, do you remember the senior we met at the Crystal Cave, who called himself Cuinchy?"

Violet suddenly asked.

"Of course! Why?"

It didn't take Austin much effort to recall the man and the things that had happened back there. Among all the things, he remembered clearly that the Cuinchy had called himself "an experienced and respected master in the world of thieves."

"Well, I want to tell you that Cuinchy had roughly the same skill. According to the gnome, Cuinchy had actually torn the space apart and left the Crystal Cave through the crack.

In other words, he was equipped with a kind of spatial force that helped him control space. Similar to the gift that the gnome has. It is called the teleportation ability. Master, it does seem to be more mysterious and very powerful.

With this kind of ability, one can travel through space, without tearing the space apart. The space will be left unscathed, and the gnome's whereabouts are thus concealed from all."

Violet went on to elaborate further about the gnome's ability.

"Ah! That sounds really interesting," Austin said, nodding his head thoughtfully.

It was the first time that Austin heard about the controlling of space and that sort of things. He was very intrigued by this revelation.

Truly, he found himself yearning for this kind of ability. Whether it was the spatial force or the teleportation ability, he decided that he must do some research about them when the chance came for him and try to acquire either one of those abilities.

"Did the gnome just say that something very interesting is happening up there? Come on, let's follow it and join the fun," Austin said.

illusions, rather than anyone who had come to them outside the arrays.

Before Austin could figure out what exactly was happening inside the arrays, a voice broke into his Soul Sea.

It was Jim!

"Oh look! What we have here! I didn't expect that you'll find us so soon, young man," he said with a hint of sneer in his voice.

"You know, I met a little beast just now. Is it your friend? Ah! Look at your face. I think I've guessed it right. It would be good if you discipline it a little! That will be great help. I hate to say it, but it screwed up my business, and I'm quite unhappy about it."

'What does he mean 'screwed up his things'? Wait! Where is the gnome, and what has it done?' Austin thought fast.

While Austin was still thinking over Jim's words, something appeared on one of those big pillars on the altar. It was an enormous shadow, which was becoming clearer and clearer as he stared at the stone pillar.

His powerful spiritual sense felt something immediately. The spiritual force from that shadow was familiar.

'This must be the shadow of the castllan of this city!'

Soon all of it clicked in place for him.

After all that they had been through, Austin had finally got a chance to meet the lord of this strange and dangerous place.

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