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   Chapter 750 Meeting The Lord Of The City At Last (Part One)

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The thought of the approaching victory made Jim quite pleased with himself. He wanted to taste the sweetness of his success so much that he decided to strike while the iron was hot. Before anyone could notice, his shadow vanished from the stone pillar.

When he reappeared, he had silently moved onto the pillar, behind all the cultivators.

Without getting in their knowledge of where he had gone, he stretched out his large hand and swept through the bodies of the three cultivators of the Imperial Realm who were near him. He acted so fast that they could hardly understand a thing or respond.

Almost instantly, the spiritual souls of the three men were dragged out of their Soul Seas. The souls kept reeling and swaggering up in the air until they floated above the altar.

Jim acted quickly and shoveled one of those spiritual souls into his mouth and swallowed it.

He was about to get hold of another one to further fill his hunger for power. Just then, a grey shadow crossed his vision and he paused. The shadow surprised him.

He followed the shadow, and gazed at it when it stopped. It was a little beast, similar to a little dog. The little thing was moving very fast. It quickly jumped and landed between the other two spiritual souls in the air. The next moment, it grabbed hold of them.

What happened next shocked and enraged Jim. The remaining two spiritual souls were gobbled up by the beast!

"A gnome?"

Furious at the loss of the two spiritual souls, Jim recognized the beast. He had started to take great interest in this kind of creature, and had thoroughly studied about them recently.

Right after the gnome had devoured Jim's trophies, it shook making ripples in the air. The space around it immediately underwent a change.

The gnome disappeared from the middle of the ripples in the blink of an eye. It vanished just as fast as it had appeared.

"Space Teleportation!

So it is true that the gnomes are talented at space teleporti

eck what exactly is happening up ahead,"

the gnome said before Austin could reply.

As soon as the gnome finished speaking, Austin saw something which Jim got to see a few moments later. The air around the gnome suddenly rippled. Within a second, the little thing disappeared.

It left as if it was sucked into some kind of space at the center of the air, like a whirlpool.

"What the hell happened just now?"

It was yet another surprise for Austin.

With his powerful spiritual sense, Austin discovered that the gnome wasn't leaving by using any magical bodily movement skill at all. If it had, Austin would have been able to find it somewhere within the range of his spiritual sense. But there was no sign of it anywhere, which suggested that it might have simply disappeared from the spot! That left Austin more amazed at the abilities of the gnome!

"What was it, Violet?"

he asked the fox at once, hoping that she could shed some light on the matter.

He thought she knew more about it, since she had been the one who communicated with the gnome most of the time.

"The gnome had talked about it once. It said that a kind of moving skill has developed in it after this breakthrough. This enables it to teleport to a short distance. So, I think it was Space Teleportation that you just saw."

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