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   Chapter 748 What You See And Hear Is Not Real

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7377

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As soon as Austin and his companions got into the palace, Violet found the illusion arrays everywhere in the palace.

Anyone who entered the illusion array might be trapped if they were not careful.

Besides Violet, Austin also had detected the traps inside. The scene he saw with his eyes differed from what he saw with his spiritual sense.

'So most of the things inside are not real, ' he thought.

As for Austin, Violet and the gnome, it was easy to keep themselves from being affected by the illusions. Once they used their spiritual sense to guard their Soul Seas, they were basically immune to the illusion arrays.

But it was a challenging task for Tessa, Dahlia and Faye to protect themselves from being attracted to the illusion arrays since their spiritual senses were still weak.

Violet informed the rest that there were many illusion arrays and reminded them to be careful.

Surprisingly, a few moments later…

They heard someone playing a melodious two-stringed fiddle, and the sound grew louder and louder.

At first, the sound was low and hoarse as if a poor woman in deep grief was weeping. Soon, the notes turned more desolate and sadder.

There was an indescribable vibe of sadness. After they heard the melody, it was like the death of a beloved one or being abandoned by a loved one.

The touching, resonant and mournful piece of music echoed in their ears, lingering in their hearts as it shook them to their core. They felt like they could empathize with the way the performer was feeling.


The illusion array has started to attack my Soul Sea, ' Austin, Violet and the gnome thought.

They activated their spiritual senses and dispelled the auditory illusions from their Soul Sea. And meanwhile they reminded themselves not to be affected by the music.

However, Tessa, Dahlia and Faye were not strong-minded, and their spiritual senses were weak. As a result, they were immersed in the melancholic, sad and desperate music and got trapped in the auditory illusion.

Tears flowed out of their eyes. It was a sad scene since they looked so upset.


"I see. All three of them have been distracted by the auditory illusions," Austin said, narro

inates these cultivators, the old bastard will focus his efforts on dealing with us, ' the four thought.

Each time the other cultivators' spiritual souls were extracted from their Soul Seas by the chains, the huge shadow Jim had turned into appeared over a pillar and swallowed the souls.

The more Imperial Realm cultivators' souls Jim absorbed and swallowed, the larger his shadow grew and it became more solid. Jim's huge shadow seemed to be releasing an overwhelming spiritual sense.

Jim also made his move on and off.

When he saw warriors approaching him, he reached out and separated their spiritual souls from their bodies easily. Then their souls became Jim's food.

"Stay together, guys. Focus on combing our strength so that we can attack one pillar at the same time.

Most of the power of this altar has been contained in these pillars. The more pillars we destroy, the weaker the altar's power would be," Jake shouted to the rest.

He tried to round up the collective strength of the rest cultivators so as to stop the human sacrifice.

The rest who had already been attacked were no longer listening. They were so desperate that they had no idea what to do. All they did was to withstand the attacks automatically without any resistance.

Upon hearing this, they ran towards Jake.

To survive, most of the cultivators tried to put in more effort. In a flash, they managed to rid themselves of the chains and souls and stood near Jake.

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