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   Chapter 747 Sacrifice Array

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"The old bastard has already activated the array on the altar and is ready to sacrifice our spiritual souls!

Everyone, work together to release our spiritual sense power and rush out together!"

Jake shouted.

At that moment, all the Imperial Realm cultivators on the sacrificial altar had been untied from the stone pillars and were aware of the current situation.

Under the situation, cooperation was the ideal method if they wanted to escape. So after being untied, the Imperial Realm cultivators did not choose to settle the score or get even with the three castellans and fifty City Guardians.

Malick of the Sky Sect was also untied. The restraint on the spiritual sense in his spiritual souls which were previously placed was released and so he regained his consciousness.

After realizing what had happened, he didn't attack but just stared at the three castellans for a short moment instead.

The castellans understood what he meant. They knew that Malick would pay them back someday for what they had made him go through.

However, at that moment everyone was in the same boat. No matter how much they hated each other, they had to unite and work together to ensure that the boat wouldn't sink.

"Don't hesitate anymore. This altar contains many horrible arrays. Once they are activated, the power could be significant. Let's immediately release our spiritual sense power at the same time and hit the altar with our vital energy. Then we will move in the same direction."

Since the array had been activated, obviously, the sacrificial activity had started. Jake became a little anxious.

Countless illusion arrays were constantly being generated around the altar while the souls on the altar also began to attack the cultivators.

The spiritual souls of some cultivators who had just reached the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm were drawn out from their Soul Sea by the souls, so they lost their mind and joined the souls to attack the other Imperial Realm cultivators.

This sent the other cultivators on the altar into a panic. They immediately followed Jake's instruction.

All the four Master Realm cultivators and more than two hundred Imperial Realm cultivators released their spiritual sense power simultaneously which instantly formed into an extremely powerful hurricane of spiritual sense and rushed towards the altar.

At the same time, strands of powerful vital energy and various vital energy skills, such as the use of swords, spears, whips, palms, fists and feet all targeted towards the same direction. An extremely powerful vital energy shock wave came into being with a huge rumble, causing the earth to shake violently.

The souls shrieked and howled miserably as their spiritual souls in the grey mist were crushed to extinction, never to be seen or heard again.

Bang! Bang! Bang! A barrage of explosion could be heard.

Dozens of illusion arrays within the direction of the attack exploded one after the other like burst soap bubbles.

"It worked!"

The cultivators on the altar cheered up.

"Hmph! It's no use celebrating.  New illusion arrays will emerge


It caused the altar to shake violently.

"Jake, you have always been smart. However, your attempts are useless.

The altar is extremely hard, and it's impossible for these cultivators to break it,"

Jim said angrily.

He then sped up the chains to drag the spiritual souls of the Imperial Realm cultivators out of their Soul Seas and then devoured them alive.

After a short while, Jim had swallowed more than half of the Imperial Realm cultivators' spiritual souls. The rest of the cultivators were so scared that they could barely withstand the attack of the chains.

Just then…

Jim's huge shadow appeared on one of the stone pillars and he suddenly looked at the gate of the palace.

'He has come finally, ' he thought, as his face flickered.

Austin, Violet and the others had finally arrived at the city center after a short rush.

They saw a magnificent palace towering in front of them.

"This should be the palace that man was talking about," Austin said.

They came to the gate of the palace, which was covered with brass nails the size of a bowl. The two huge doors were more than ten meters high. They were painted with blood-red color, like a furious beast opening its big mouth.

"Young man, I've been waiting for you. Come in."

Austin and his friends had only stood for a short while when they heard Jim's voice ring out across the center.

Then next with a loud burst…


The two blood-red doors slowly opened automatically.

"Come on. Let's go inside and have a look."

Austin hesitated for a few seconds then he led the others into the gate. Since he had already been there, he didn't hesitate anymore.

The moment they stepped into the gate, the two doors immediately closed automatically.

"Everyone, be careful! This palace is full of illusionary images.

These illusionary images are derived from magic arrays. It seems they are very powerful, so we must be cautious. Otherwise, we'll get caught up in it," Austin reminded his group.

Violet let out a scream when she heard the doors close behind them.

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