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   Chapter 745 Activate The Sacrifice Array

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Jake moved quickly to leave the altar. He knew what he saw was not real. 'Master used his spiritual sense to attack my Soul Seal, making me hallucinate, ' he thought.

The next moment, he rushed out of the altar.

Looking around, he heaved a sigh of relief. But before he steadied himself, he found himself back with Tyson and Gordon.

"What's it, Jake? Why did you suddenly run out?" Tyson and Gordon asked, frowning.

When the two noted the illusions around the altar and Jake's response, they had a bad feeling.

Upon realizing that he was back to the altar, Jake knitted his eyebrows.

"Hump. Looks like the master has abandoned us. I think the three of us will also be part of the sacrifice like those who are tied behind us,"

Jake answered, while looking around desperately.

"No way!

Why would he do that?"

Tyson and Gordon gaped at Jake in shock. They couldn't believe what Jake was implying.

"Ha-ha! My good boys. I've waited for so many years for this moment to come, and now I have finally assembled all these high-quality spiritual souls.

In fact, I have been getting worse in the past years. If I don't get treatment soon, my injuries will not recover and I'll end up dying due to overtaxing the little spiritual energy available.

So this time it is a must that I use Sacrifice Array to heal my wounds and I'll make sure that it works.

The three of you are at the Master Realm and so there are four Master Realm cultivators in total including the unconscious one. Besides, I've got over two hundred Imperial Realm warriors. I believe that I'll get better.

It's time for you to return my kindness."

As the illusions around the altar changed quickly, Jim's voice reached his disciples' ears.

"You're right, Jake. Master will really kill us."

Tyson and Gordon finally understood their master's twisted p

here were more than two hundred prisoners present. Since they had been chained up by sacred spiritual weapons, they couldn't break away even though they were at the Imperial Realm.

"Hmmm! The three traitors!"

Jim looked upset as he saw his disciples free his prisoners.

"They are trying to get out. That's just wishful thinking."

He formed strange seals with his palms and channeled the spiritual sense in his Soul Sea to the seals.


With his yelling, a weird scarlet pattern shot from the seal. The pattern formed by spiritual sense was visible and tangible to the naked eye.

In a flash, the pattern went directly under the bottom of the altar.

Thick gray fog gushed out from the ground of the altar. Within the fog, a sea of corpses, blood and many decayed body parts floated around. The strong smell of blood from the broken arms, thighs and heads filled the air, making them feel nauseous.

Countless souls flew around as if they were looking for something. And meanwhile, they kept murmuring, "Where is my flesh? Where is my body?"

The souls muttered in a chorus and repeated continuously. Their voices resonated with the whole place. Soon after, all the cultivators on the altar started to feel dizzy.

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