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   Chapter 744 Go To See The Old Man

Rebirth of Martial God By Smoke Characters: 7223

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"Young man, you seem to be in such a hurry leaving this place. Since you have come here, I suggest you to stay a bit longer.

I have seldom seen a young man like you with great potential. I am very eager to know more about you.

I will wait for you at the center of the city,"

Jim communicated with Austin through spiritual sense.

Austin was puzzled with the unexpected treatment of the old man.

"You want to see me?

I am just an ordinary young lad. Why do you suddenly want to see me, sir?"

"Truth be told, I have been observing you for the past few days. You are a very promising man born with extraordinary talent and potential. I want to associate with you.

So you better not betray my kin


First, it showed a darkly clouded sky––lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled like a downpour was on the way. Then the next minute, it would be sunny and cloudless. After that, a boundless desert was formed, and desperate travelers collapsed one by one.

The scenery also projected a bustling street with vendors desperately selling their articles as buyers haggled. After a while, it changed to an evening with a clear moon and few stars. A scholar who was walking through the night was also shown. He was enjoying the flowers in the company of a beauty and reciting poems together as the breeze blew gently across their faces.

All kinds of changing scenery dazzled all the people present before the altar.

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