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   Chapter 744 I Am Impressed!

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8835

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

The gigantic palm kept colliding with the disk made out of sword aura, making a continuous deafening sound as if it was an overwhelming thunderbolt clashing in the sky. The whole street trembled from the impact of the two massive weapons clashing with each other

But at that moment Austin was way too excited and ecstatic by the results.

The effects of the Flaming Swordplay Array were totally living up to its reputation. Its power was remarkable, considering how it was holding up when directly challenged with the vital energy emanating from a warrior at the premium stage of Imperial Realm! Austin was still mesmerized at how powerful and potent it was!

If challenged on body strength, Austin absolutely had the ability to not only go up against but also overpower warriors at the premium stage of Imperial Realm.

However, when it came to vital energy cultivation base, Austin was merely at the medium stage of Sky Realm, he was still not strong enough to compete with a cultivator at the premium stage of Imperial Realm using vital energy alone.

However, in a short period of time, due to the usage of Flaming Swordplay Array, he made it happen! Both he and a warrior at the premium stage of Imperial Realm were an even match for each other.

Although Austin was doing quite well, he was still aware of his lack of vital energy as compared to his opponent and limited expertise. There was definitely no way he could defeat the City Guardian who was at the premium stage of Imperial Realm by only using Flaming Swordplay Array.

Austin had no intention of fighting a losing battle. He had tested out and known what the Flaming Swordplay Array was capable of doing and that was enough.

It was time to end the game! Austin controlled the golden disk made out of sword aura to resist the black gigantic palm made of vital energy. He generated four hundred thousand pounds of his body force and suddenly released it.

Suddenly Austin produced an explosive power and surged on both his feet as he rushed towards the castle guardian while extending out his right palm.

Austin's body strength and power were so powerful that it darted towards the City Guardian directly crashing the air surrounding him as it produced sparks as if numerous firecrackers were crackling and spluttering in his ears.

The City Guardian was caught off guard. How could he have expected such a tremendous show of power? He recovered very first and astonishingly, he hurriedly gathered the rest of his vital energy and turned them into a purple-black solid shield. On top of the shield, there was a skeleton skull with a feroc

sed with his idea, so he released his spiritual sense to the bluestone immediately

At the same time, Austin had also just smashed the second City Guardian when he suddenly heard a powerful spiritual sense pouring in.

''Ha-ha. Young man, you are really good.

It must have not been easy having such a good cultivation base at your age.

You are definitely a genius!"

Austin was stunned to hear the spiritual sense voice.

Who could this be?

An old man's image flashed in his mind immediately.

''Are you the owner of this city?''

Austin released his spiritual sense as well.


Jim was a bit surprised that Austin had guessed his identity so fast.

''Young man, I am impressed by you. You got a strong cultivation base and an intelligent mind. What other surprises can I expect from you?

You are so incredible! Ha-ha.''

Jim laughed because he was genuinely happy. He already considered Austin as his property so the more excellent Austin performed, the happier he became. After all, that would soon become his body once he took over it.

''I am flattered.

My friends and I accidentally broke into your city and we are sorry if we may have caused any trouble.

May you forgive us and tell us how to leave, I would be very grateful.''

When Austin realized it was the owner of the city, he kept calm and humble.

He had actually been deeply shocked by Jim's powerful and formidable spiritual sense.

The old man's spiritual sense was way more powerful than his.

With all the warriors Austin had met, none had been better than him in spiritual sense. Even the warriors at the Master Realm were still far weaker than him.

This was the first time he had met such a person with such a strong spiritual sense.

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