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   Chapter 743 The First Attempt Of The Flaming Swordplay Array

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"I was just wondering why you disappeared in the blink of an eye; it looks like you have already been here."

Violet's voice was full of amazement, for she was totally surprised by the gnome's mysterious movements.

The gnome's figure flashed quickly, then he jumped upon Violet's shoulder.

"Ha-ha! You finally showed up. It took us so much time to look for you. We spared no effort searching you, while you were running out there. But I'm glad you're here. No more efforts are needed!"

But some people were happy at the turn of events. Looking for the gnome, Austin and Violet had brought them in the view of the enemies. The two City Guardians who were ordered to catch Austin, recognized him at once. They were extremely happy. They were having a hard time locating Austin. Unexpectedly, the people they were looking for appeared in front of them. What a pleasant surprise!


"Lecher, you finally come back."

Tessa and the girl in purple clothes were truly delighted to see Austin finally appeared. They knew that if Austin stayed with them, the City Guardians in front of them would not have the chance to hurt them. Both of them approached Austin, and the maid followed them too.

"Tessa, we'll talk about it later. Right now, I have to get rid of these two men,"

Austin said to Tessa.

"Boy, how dare you to be so rude in front of us! You'd better raise your hands up and come with us."

Austin's vital energy cultivation base was only at the medium stage of Sky Realm, but he was so calm and unperturbed when he met those two strong opponents of the premium stage of Imperial Realm. He was not going to treat them seriously. Rather, he dared to say that he would get rid of them. This made the two City Guardians extremely angry.

If it were in the past, when pitted against two cultivators of the premium stage of Imperial Realm, Austin would certainly choose to use his own physical strength to fight the enemies. After all, fighting with the cultivators of the premium stage of Imperial Realm by using his physical strength in cooperation with his fast bodily movement skill, he had a chance to win the fight with his own strength.

However, Austin's cultivation base in swordsmanship had just reached the level three sword potential. And the Flame Swordsmanship that he had been practicing was now at level three. He could even display the Flaming Swordplay Array.

At present, there were two such good practice objects in front of him. Austin couldn't wait to try the power of the Flaming Swordplay Array.

Thinking of this, Austin started to activate the vital energy inside his body.

One by one, there were three sounds. They were sounds of something breaking which

d the moisture in the air was frozen into icicles.

Oppressive and depressing!

The whole space seemed to be seized by a huge dark force by which light and vitality disappeared.

Fortunately, Austin had not been affected at all. Upon releasing some physical strength, the repressive feeling from the space around his body suddenly melted, like ice and snow dissipate into vapor.

Then he got his idea into action. The rapidly rotating sword aura disc overhead burst into bright golden light, like a meteor in the dark sky.


There was a crisp sound of something cutting across the air.

The sword aura disc trembled and instantly went towards the black giant palm. Glittering with golden light, numerous sword radiance shot up in the sky and got arranged in a crisscross pattern. Five giant fingers which were large enough to touch the sky were cut off from the black giant palm. They fell down and exploded with big bangs. The black giant palm became a remnant without fingers.

"Boy, how dare you!"

After his unique vital energy skill had been broken into half by someone whom he regarded as an ant of the medium stage of Sky Realm, the guard of the city became so angry that he almost choked blood. Moments ago he had boasted, but now he ended up defeated.

Not one to accept defeat easily, he surged the vital energy present inside his body into the remaining part of the black giant palm like overflowing rivers. In a moment, the huge palm was repaired and grew five giant fingers again. This time its volume increased. It was even bigger than before. The palm started to fall upon Austin with a huge amount of weight equivalent to that of a mountain.

Austin controlled the golden sword aura disc above his head. He once again used it to resist the attack of the black giant palm.

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