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   Chapter 742 The Gnome's Amazing Speed

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7557

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At that point, two City Guardians appeared to have discovered where Tessa, Dahlia and Faye were since they were loitering around the street where the three were hiding. Perhaps in a moment the three girls would fall into the hands of the two pursuers.

The City Guardians were both at the premium stage of Imperial Realm. With the strength and level of skills of the three girls, they were no match for the guardians and would be totally overpowered if they tried to resist the two pursuers.

Austin dared not to slow down. After all, God knew what the two City Guardians would do to the three. As soon as Tessa and the other two girls were caught by the guardians, they would definitely get hurt. That was not what Austin wanted to see.

So he immediately transmitted the information to Violet's Soul Sea through his spiritual sense while at the same time, he launched his Thunderbolt Movement Skill, and disappeared from the spot in a flash, heading for the street where the three girls were.

Violet told the gnome about the situation at once and then also activated her bodily movement skill to follow Austin.

Actually, the three girls had been hiding out in a small, inconspicuous building down the street since Austin left.

After waiting for most of the day, Austin hadn't returned yet which got Dahlia a little worried.

"Tessa, do you think that the lecher would ditch us and run away?"

Dahlia asked through gritted teeth.

"Austin isn't that kind of person. Don't worry."

Tessa could not help laughing at Dahlia's absurd thoughts.

"You never know. You may think you know the guy. Tessa, don't trust him so much. Otherwise, it will be easy for you to fall into his hand and then be fooled by him.

Tessa, we can't stay in this place all the time. Why don't we go outside and have a look?

Dahlia didn't seem convinced and wouldn't budge.

"Believe me, Austin won't run out on us. I assure you, he will come back."

Tessa finally soothed Dahlia's anxiety.

"Ha ha, you three girls, I know you're hiding in this house. Come out right now. Otherwise, we'll bring you out and you will suffer."

Suddenly a burst of bizarre laughter was heard from the street outside. The sound was not loud, but a violent and savage vital en

ood moon-like eyes.

"Humph! You reckless and blind beast! How dare you stop us! You're trying to get yourself killed."

The beast's defiant gaze infuriated the guardians, and they wanted to kill it right away.

"Gnome, stand down let me do it."

A sound came from one end of the street. Then within a flash, a figure zoomed past and suddenly Austin arrived at the beast's side.

Looking at the gnome that had transformed into a giant beast, Austin was filled with wonder.

His speed when he unleashed the Thunderbolt Movement Skill was nowhere near the speed of the gnome.

Besides, the gnome and Violet had not started when Austin had performed his bodily movement skill to go for the rescue.

Also, Austin did not understand how or even when the gnome caught up with him and arrived first at the scene.

It was only when he entered the street that he found that the gnome had unexpectedly arrived and protected Tessa and the other two.

Austin's spiritual sense was fairly powerful now, but he still did not find out exactly when the gnome first arrived at the scene. Thus, the gnome's actions were highly mysterious and amazing.

Hearing Austin's words, the beast suddenly gave a slight shake and his huge body that was big as a small house shrank rapidly to the size of a puppy. Instantly he was no longer scary but looked very cute.

"Gnome, how did you get here so quickly?"

Violet finally appeared at one end of the street. Then she sprinted over and stood next to Austin.

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