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   Chapter 740 The Cultivation Hierarchy Of The Gnome

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"Thank you for your advice,"

Austin said full of gratitude and he also felt lucky to have been trained by a Sword Emperor.

"Well, I don't have a body, and I can only exist as an image right now.

So I can't stay long in your Soul Sea. After my spirit fades away, I will perish forever.

Before that happens, if you have any problem with swordsmanship cultivation, you can ask me any time," the Sword Emperor said.

After he finished speaking, he suddenly turned into a streak of colorful light and hid in a corner of Austin's Soul Sea.

Austin could feel that after the Sword Emperor had taught him the perception of swordsmanship, he was comparatively weaker than before.

Austin didn't dare to disturb him anymore. Instead, he turned his attention to other things to let him rest and opened his eyes. As he observed the gnome, he realized that it seemed to be at the most critical moment of his breakthrough right.

A mighty spiritual energy tornado as high as the heavens, was constantly spinning in the air, while the gnome was right in the center of the tornado. The buildings on the surrounding streets had all collapsed and flew away.

Austin knew that he shouldn't disturb the gnome. Any distraction from outside would interrupt the breakthrough, which would be fatal. The consequence might be more terrible than he could imagine.

Austin released his spiritual sense within a 4-kilometer range to make sure that the environment was safe enough. To his relief, nobody was nearby.

He then withdrew his spiritual sense back to his Soul Sea.

Austin had already finished the second level of the Flame Swordsmanship and had successfully refined two Spiritual Sword Auras. However, he wasn't able to make further progress to the third level because of his stagnant swordsmanship.

But that was the perfect time for him since he had made a breakthrough in his sword cultivation base. Austin wanted to try cultivating the third level of the Flame Swordsmanship again, hoping that he might still have a chance of success.

Austin first recalled the method of refining the Spiritual Sword Aura, and then he focused all his attention on his Soul Sea, and devoted his energy in refining the third Spiritual Sword Aura.

During the process, the Sword Emperor's perception of swordsmanship was still ingrained in his memory, therefore he tried to integrate it gradually as he practiced from memory. As a result, he was improving his swordsmanship slowly by slowly.

After a while, Austin's dedication was rewarded. A bright sword shadow started to reform and materialize in his Soul Sea.

Finally, a sharp and glittering white long sword appeared in his hand. Its sword intent flowing like a tide emanated from it.

This was the third Spiritual Sword Aura that Austin had got!

Furthermore, he had used only a short time to accomplish it. He was successful in less than one hour!

Austin was overjoyed.

The success of the third Spiritual Sword Aura meant that Austin could cultivate to the highest level of the Flame Swordsmanship.

Next, he started to run his internal vital energy, trying to refine the third vital energy sword.

Each Spiritual Sword Aura of the Flame Swordsmanship could control one vital energy sword.

If he wanted to cultivate to the third level of the Flame Swordsmanship, he was required to use three Spiritual Sword Auras to control the three vital energy swords.

The vital


Austin smiled bitterly. What a big surprise!

What happened next shocked Austin and Violet even further.

The giant beast quivered slightly, causing a gust of wind. Then its giant body shrank dramatically and in the blink of an eye, the savage beast had disappeared.

Instead, it was replaced by the previous gnome who was cute and tiny like a puppy. It was overjoyed and proud to see Austin and Violet's stupefied faces.

"How come?"

Austin and Violet both looked at each other stunned.

Was it playing some form of magic?

It turned out that the gnome could transform its body at will after it made the breakthrough.

"Violet, ask it how strong it is now," Austin told Violet.

He was very curious about its level of strength.

Violet and the gnome communicated for a while.

According to the gnome, its cultivation hierarchy was different from ordinary demonic beasts who were usually ranked from level one demonic beast to level nine demonic beast.

However, the gnome was different; it was measured by how many generations had been awakened by the blood inheritance in the body.  After the breakthrough, the gnome had aroused about thirty percent of its blood lineage. Now the demonic power it possessed was like a human cultivator in the Imperial Realm. Moreover, it had not only improved its demonic power but also some of the hidden talents of its species.

The results really shocked Austin. He couldn't believe that one breakthrough was enough to make the gnome as powerful as a human cultivator in the Imperial Realm.

He recalled what it was like when he met it. It was only a level five demonic beast, whose power was like a human cultivator in the medium stage or premium stage of Earth Realm. However, after one breakthrough, the progress of its strength was so great. Its cultivation hierarchy was indeed very special compared to ordinary demonic beasts.

Of course, Austin was also very happy for the gnome besides his surprise.

The gnome, just like Violet, was Austin's close partner. They spent so much time together that they had also established a deep relationship with each other. Austin was happy to see that the gnome had improved dramatically.


Austin frowned suddenly. His spiritual sense perceived something unusual.

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