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   Chapter 740 The Sword Emperor's Three Sword Skills (Part Two)

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As for the three swordsmanship skills, your understanding of sword intent is not yet good enough at the moment to practice them.

There are three swordsmanship skills in total which I have mastered. The first is the Swift Thunder Swordsmanship; the second is the Five Elements Swordsmanship; and lastly, the Deadly Swordsmanship.

You can only begin practicing the first Swordsmanship, Swift Thunder Swordsmanship, once you have mastered the level five sword potential. But not until then will you be able to do so.

After that, once your sword cultivation base has improved even further to level ten sword potential, the top level of sword potential, can you only practice the second swordsmanship, the Five Elements Swordsmanship.

As for the final swordsmanship, the Deadly Swordsmanship, your cultivation base in swordsmanship must be high enough to develop your own sword world. Only then can you practice it.

Right now, you can only receive my lessons about swordsmanship. But once you have reached the corresponding levels required from you, you will then get the three swordsmanship skills from this statue. Don't forget this."

Afterwards, the Sword Emperor explained to Austin about the statue of the Sword Emperor in detail.

Austin listened carefully and intently, while making sure to keep the instructions in mind. Failure to do so might cost him his life.

"Of course, besides those which I have already told you, the statue has another function. But I will keep it a secret for now. When your cultivation base reach the level of Basic Sacred Realm, you can enter my palace in the Prime Martial World. It's called the Sword Treasure-house. Only then will you be able to know this secret function.

Remember, you mustn't go to my Sword Treasure-house before you reach Basic Sacred Realm. My instructions are absolute. A failure to comply them will surely get you killed!"

the Sword Emperor said in a solemn voice, stressing out the last sentence.

The words left Austin dumbfounded and confused.

'The Sword Treasure-house?

The Sword Emperor has already departed the Prime Martial World, but he left behind a palace known as the Sword Treasure-hous

e. Before Austin even knew it, he had already reached level two sword potential. The cracking sound which usually marked this progress, was akin to the cracks created from an egg when a new life had begun to emerge. Austin's souls shook for a moment.


And then another crack!

He was already at level three sword potential!

Everything was happening in a blur. Just a few minutes after he started receiving the lessons about swordsmanship from the Sword Emperor, he was already able to make a breakthrough twice, and achieved level three sword potential in a blink of an eye!

Because of this unprecedented speed of his progress, Austin intended to take his chances and push even further by understanding more about the lessons from the Sword Emperor. It was such a rare opportunity to create more breakthroughs after all.

But the Sword Emperor who had been watching him the entire time read his mind and stopped him as he explained, "Now hold your horses. Remember, no matter what level you are breaking through, you mustn't be too hasty. Making progress is a process which takes time. If you start acting rashly, your realm won't be stable and your future cultivation base level will certainly be affected in a negative way.

For now, you should solidify your level three sword potential first before proceeding further."

Austin followed the advice and stopped obsessing over the additional lessons flowing through his Soul Sea.

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