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   Chapter 739 The Sword Emperor's Three Sword Skills (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7409

Updated: 2019-08-21 00:42

Austin's spiritual sense slowly crept towards the statue of the Sword Emperor which was right in front of him.

But the very instant that his spiritual sense touched the statue, he felt a strange magical energy fluctuation which rippled around the statue.

And then suddenly, thousands of colorful lights burst from the statue. They were like fireworks, both beautiful and magnificent. The entire statue was enveloped by the bright lights as if they were dancing all over it. They might look pretty, but each ray was in fact a thin streak of sword aura. These streaks were closely intertwined and created a brilliant light screen!

Austin then felt that his spiritual sense was scattered by the colorful sword aura streaks like dust in the air. And he was unable to gather them together again as if the particles' movements were restricted.

Despite of this, Austin was not worried at all. He felt that the streaks of sword aura were not a threat towards his spiritual sense.

His confidence stemmed from the fact that his spiritual sense was quite powerful. If he had been any other weak cultivator, his spiritual soul would have been destroyed the very moment his spiritual sense came into contact with the streaks of sword aura.

Although Austin had some confidence with his abilities which helped him survive the ordeal, he was still frightened and shocked by the streaks of sword aura dancing about.

He intently studied the screen created by the thousands of streaks of sword aura which cloaked the entire statue. After making sure that the streaks of thin sword aura were harmless towards his spiritual sense, he then released it once more and carefully inched closer towards the statue.

And this time, Austin made sure to increase the power of his spiritual sense as compared to the first one he released.

After a few seconds, his spiritual sense finally broke through the screen made up of the streaks of sword aura, and successfully infiltrated the statue.

But out of the blue something unexpected happened!

As soon as his spiritual sense penetrated the inner layer of the statue, a colorful flash dashed against his spiritual sense and was heading straight towards his mind in an unprec

nseen but unbreakable suppression from him. He stared at Austin with a condescending and haughty look, as if he was nothing more than dirt beneath his feet.

Each pores in his skin released a streak of sword aura. All the lights coming from the streaks of sword aura shone, giving him a majestic glow all over his body. Under the cover of the brilliant layer of lights stood a regal emperor who was worshiped by his citizens.

Upon hearing and digesting the Sword Emperor's words and recalling the comments he had previously made, Austin finally realized that the Sword Emperor promised to take him as his disciple. "Master, please accept me as your disciple."

He humbly spoke to the Sword Emperor as his spiritual soul bowed down to him.

"Ha-ha. Well, technically speaking, you are my disciple but only to an extent.

Within this statue, I have left behind some lessons about swordsmanship and the three swordsmanship skills that I used to practice. You were able to receive it by chance. That only means you were destined to get the treasure I have left behind.

What you now see is but a wisp of my spiritual sense. I have already departed the Prime Martial World for the outside world.

Now then, I will teach you the lessons about swordsmanship hidden in the statue. I hope you can study them carefully and teach it to other cultivators all over the world. I will certainly be glad if you can do so. Such knowledge must be shared and not kept to one's self.

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