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   Chapter 738 Violet And The Gnome’s Breakthrough

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The City Guardian provided the same information that the dead servants had told Austin. He said the true master of the city was Jim and he had three disciples who helped him take care of the city.

But when Austin inquired from him about the location, name of the city, the way out and the identity of the master, he just shook his head for he didn't know either.

According to him, those who guarded the gates had also been transported to the city accidentally when they were cultivating in the Sunset Mountain.

Then they were trapped in a strange city and couldn't find a way out.

After the interrogation, Austin didn't kill the badly injured City Guardian.

That was because most of the guardians were some poor cultivators who had been transported to the city by chance. They really had no options but to work for the three castellans against their will.

Now that Austin couldn't get more information from them, he gave up on the thought of interrogating the rest of the City Guardians nearby since they probably all had the same information.

Just then, he suddenly heard Violet's voice in his mind.

"Master, the gnome is about to make a breakthrough. He told me that the Illusion Bead isn't a perfect place for him to make a breakthrough and he needs to go out. Please find him a quiet place."

"Oh, really?"

It surprised Austin that the gnome had reached a breakthrough so soon.

He released his spiritual sense to search for a quiet place for the gnome. The next minute, he vanished into thin air.

A couple of minutes later, Austin turned up in another street several thousand meters away from where he had been.

The street was a dead end. Austin unleashed his spiritual sense and didn't find any sign of people within several miles.

"Ask the gnome to come out,"

Austin said to Violet through his mind.

A gray light appeared, and the gnome showed up in front of Austin and at the same time, a green smoke also appeared and Violet came into his view.

As soon as the gnome made his appearance, Austin detected that an enormous spiritual power that even he felt shivers through his body enveloped the gnome.

The size of the gnome changed intermittently. Sometimes he grew smaller, and sometimes he grew larger. With the constant change of the gnome's body, the spiritual energy nearby came at him and formed small storms around him.

Staring at him, Austin knew that the gnome was now at the most critical moment of its breakthrough.

He released his spiritual sense to compare the quality of the spiritual energy within the city to the outside world.

'If the spiritual energy is less than that outside the city, it might affect the gnome's breakthrough result and the consolidation of the realm it will reach, ' he thought.

After contemplating for a while, Austin took out his Space Ring and got a batch of vital energy crystals, elixirs and herbs from it. Without having a look at th

emerged on his palm where he took out a small statue. The statue had a grave expression and looked dignified like an emperor with a sword on his waist.

Austin had found the Sword Emperor's statue in the Crystal Mine Mountain. Because of the statue, he had been pursued by Malick from the Sky Sect and he was transported to the mysterious city by chance.

Staring at the statue in his hand, he recalled the scene when Sword Emperor's shadow swung his sword releasing a formidable power which could shake the mountain.

He also remembered what the Sword Emperor's shadow had said. 'He said he had sealed all his insights and methods of swordsmanship into the stone sculpture and anyone who saw it could have it.

I was lucky to get it!'

Ever since he had been hunted by Malick, and then transferred to the strange city, he had gotten no time to study the statue.

Austin touched the surface of Sword Emperor's statue. He could not tell the kind of material it was carved from, but it was delicate, lubricated and felt smooth to his touch. Meanwhile, the spiritual energy coming from it penetrated his skin, making him feel very comfortable.

He speculated the statue was made of a valuable spiritual stone.

'This statue contains a Sword Emperor's lifetime insights of swordsmanship. How can I get to them?' Austin wondered internally.

Austin released his spiritual sense and controlled it to enter the statue with great care.

He could feel warmth from the statue with a Sword Emperor's willpower inside it. The strike the Sword Emperor's shadow had exerted was so powerful that it astonished Austin.

'The Sword Emperor had caused the huge holes in the sky and hallucination with one move. I'm too weak to defend myself if I fight with him.'

So Austin didn't dare to be distracted. He was afraid that he might trigger the Sword Emperor's willpower hidden inside the statue and get himself killed. That was the last thing he expected.

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