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   Chapter 736 Illusory Palace (Part Two)

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The earlier the master could recover, the sooner the three castellans could leave the city.

So, the three castellans were all looking forward to the success of the Sacrifice Array.

Tyson waved his hand to signal the disciples and ordered, "Bring all the prisoners to the Illusory Palace as soon as possible."

They slowly pushed the two palace gates which were dozens of meters high covered with big copper nails as big as bowls open. The three castellans took the lead and walked in, followed by the disciples and all the others.

When they walked in, everyone was astonished by the resplendent scene. The inner parts of the palace were made of greenish-blue colored jade objects, shining with a green light.

The palace looked magnificent at first glance as it consisted of numerous alleys, hallway, and buildings. What was more, the huge area of the palace was dotted by gallant pavilions and fine-built houses. Beautiful ponds and numerous small waterfalls hung on artificial hills like long pieces of cloth. Even, a swath of land was solely used to plant all kinds of elixirs.

Yellow glazed tiles paved the surfaces of the elaborate buildings on the roof, with blue and white stone base, decorated with brilliant majestic paintings.

Shortly after entering the Illusory Palace, sudden dizziness overcame everyone, blurring their vision. When they recovered consciousness, the scene before them had totally changed. Everything they had seen before had disappeared and instead it was something completely different.

Looking at all the buildings, they were made up of high-quality countless vital energy crystals including ordinary vital energy crystals, superior vital energy crystal, and even sacred vital energy crystal. All these crystals emitted a fascinating seven-colored luster which dazzled everyone on the scene.

It was the first time that they had seen so many high-quality vital energy crystals and in such astronomical figures. Hearts thumping, faces turning r

hat would happen next.

"Damn it, the Sacrifice Array was ready. The sacrificial offerings were none other than us!"

At the thought of this, all servants begged the three castellans for mercy. "My three castellans, please spare our lives for the sake of our loyalty over the years!

We don't want to die here."

These servants didn't realize what would happen until they found themselves tied on purple columns. In the face of impending death, everyone desperately cried for mercy.

"We have got everything prepared." Jake who had a hook-like eagle-nose sent his inner thoughts to Jim through his spiritual sense.

"Good, I will wait for one more person. You three keep guard of the sacrificial altar.

Half an hour later, we will start the Sacrifice Array," said Jim.

"Wait for another person?

Master, who are you waiting for?"

Hearing his master's words, Jake felt puzzled.

Meanwhile, in another street, Austin was interrogating a seriously wounded City Guardian.

The wounded guardian was the only survivor among the three City Guardians. Austin killed the other two. The reason why Austin didn't kill this one was because he wanted to gather more information about the city from the guard.

However, after interrogating the City Guardian, Austin didn't gather any useful information from him.

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