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   Chapter 735 Illusory Palace (Part One)

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"How am I this blessed by God? Having suffered for hundreds of years, finally today is my lucky day. Ha ha, he has brought such a fine body to me without much effort.

This young man's body is full of potential for any cultivator to improve cultivation base.  His strength is even better than that of my three disciples.

Well, he is definitely my best choice.

I need to tap into his body's full potential.

As for my third disciple, Steven, I had originally planned to take advantage of his body to improve my cultivation base, but now since I have got a better option, Steven like his two fellows are no more useful to me and they will just become an offering to the human sacrifice," exclaimed the old man.

At a basement beneath a magnificent palace which was located at the center of city lived an old man who was observing Austin's every move. It turned out that the mysterious old man was none other than Jim, the mysterious owner of the old city.

Once they received the report from the City Guardians that the soul-consuming fog was being damaged, the three castellans had planned to investigate the reason behind the extensive damage.

However, while they were getting ready to move, they received a message of spiritual sense from Jim, notifying them to make full preparation for the sacrificial ceremony and not to be distracted by the incident of the soul-consuming fog.

So, after hearing Jim's new plans, the three castellans quit their plan and started preparing for the sacrificial ceremony.

"Ha ha, my wounds should be partly healed if the sacrificial ceremony goes on smoothly.

Then, I will fully tap the potential in the young man's body and use it to warm and further heal my wounds.

I bet that, before long, I will be completely reborn in everyone's presence. As long as my wounds are healed, I will be the rightful owner of the Prime Martial World a

nly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

At that moment, in the square, a slender, sharp-eyed young man with an eagle-like nose suddenly moved and said, "My elder brothers, the master has ordered us to escort these prisoners to the Illusory Palace. The Sacrifice Array is about to begin."

The young man was Jake, the third disciple of Jim.

Jake was Jim's favorite and the most trustworthy one among the three disciples. As Jim's favorite, he was meticulously trained and Jim taught him all kinds of unique skills and tricks. Jake often got all kinds of gifts from his master like the precious elixir and other valuables.

Therefore, although Jake was the youngest, his cultivation base was at the highest stage. He had the strongest power, and no one dared to challenge him. Jim's obvious preference for Jack made the other two elder disciples jealous.

Suddenly, the other two elder disciples' face lit upon hearing Jake's words, for they knew that the Sacrifice Array was vital for their master's wounds to heal.

The three castellans, who had stuck by Jim through thick and thin for a long time, were tired of hiding in the city. They were eager to get out of the desolate city and fly to the bustling urban life in bright cities with fine wines and beautiful girls.

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