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   Chapter 734 Defeating City Guardians At The Premium Stage Of Imperial Realm

Rebirth of Martial God By Smoke Characters: 10285

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Austin and the girls was teleported back just as they was about to reach the base of the wall.

It seemed it was rather impossible to leave the strange City!

He was well aware that it would take so much energy and time to find an exit.

The city was filled with obstacles to prevent trapped warriors from leaving and to suppress their spiritual sense. Moreover, the streets in the city was built like a massive maze. Even if a warrior managed to reach its border, he would be teleported back somewhere inside the city again.

But Austin was not a person who would easily give up.

He switched direction and persisted in searching for an exist; however, a high wall appeared again and blocked their way.

Since Austin had taken the route once, he was already familiar with the path the second time he took it.

'It's a new position. I'm sure here should be no teleportation power this time!' Austin hoped.

Returning again to the position three kilometers from the wall, all four of them were uneasy. The

aneuvered by his powerful spiritual sense force.

The two City Guardians could hardly get back on their feet. One eventually died, and the other was severely injured.

Austin decided to spare the life of the injured guardian so he could interrogate him. . .

At the same time, while Austin was occupied torturing the remaining City Guardian alive, an old man was observing his every move in an underground adytum beneath the grand palace.

He looked rather engrossed scrutinizing every attack that Austin employed.

The geezer put his spiritual sense force in a blue stone ball, enabling him to perceive Austin's actions clearly.

Initially, he was merely interested and curious with Austin's ability; but as he watched longer, the young man had totally caught his attention.

His wrinkled face shone, and his whole body trembled with great excitement.

"Good, good. This young man is extraordinarily strong for his young age.

Such body with immense potential and talent––how lucky of me to meet him!"

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