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   Chapter 733 A Mysterious Perceptual Force

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After a while, another team of City Guardians also came to the street. Ten of the City Guardians, who were sent out to capture Austin and his fellows, gathered together. They surveyed the place and found that everyone was in the same situation.

All the way down the alley, no one encountered any soul-consuming fog or even seen any souls, including those who served as informants. All were bizarrely missing!

It was so weird. It had never happened in this city!

"This is not a trivial matter. We have to send someone back to report to the three castellans."

One of the City Guardians, who was the leader of that small team, immediately made a decision.

Every City Guardian knew that there were three castellans, and an old castellan called Jim was above them–– the real master of this city. He had been severely injured and needed a lot of souls for healing.

The souls in the soul-consuming fog were the nourishment pool for Jim's healing. They would be used to heal him and alleviate his vital energy.

Hence, the importance of the soul-consuming fog was self-evident.

At the same time, among the martial arts practiced by the three castellans, many powerful arcane spells required the use of such souls as training resources.

The City Guardians, as the confidants of the three castellans, were taught some martial arts skills that highly required the usage of souls for cultivation.

So, the captivated souls in the soul-consuming fog were very precious resources in this City.

Now that the soul-consuming fog had been destroyed, and the souls had disappeared, the city would be in a total ruckus.

The City Guardians couldn't imagine how angry the three castellans would get when they heard the news.

It was obviously an emergency. No one dared to ignore the problem and instead tried to resolve it.

After a brief discussion, the three City Guardians with the fastest bodily movement skill ran back to the center of the castle at lightning speed. They reported the situation to the three castellans.

Soul messengers were typically used to convey messages, but since they couldn't use one, they could only count on themselves.

"Does this matter have anything to do with the man and three women we are looking for?"

one of the remaining seven City Guardians suddenly speculated.

"Not very likely. Although the physical strengths of that man and the three women were quite strong, I heard that the people of the Veritable Demon Sect were only good at dealing with the corporeal body.

Even a master whose cultivation base is at Master Realm might not be able to destroy the soul-consuming fog.

How could those young brats have such strong spiritual sense?"

one of the guardians immediately questioned.

"Yeah, you're right. Alright, let's forget it, and hurry up in finding that man and the three women.

For some reason, I think there's more to them than we know."

The seven City Guardians immediately spread in various directions and continued the search.

le rays of light burst out.

An expression of anger and surprise registered on his wrinkled face.

"Someone is destroying my soul-consuming fogs!

He is extracting and purifying the souls that I have stored for many years!"

The old man's secret empty room was only a few square feet large.

The ground in front of the old man was inlaid with a big round blue stone. The ball-like stone, made of unknown material, exuded a radiant blue light.

The old man sent out a wisp of spiritual sense and wrapped the blue stone ball. Immediately, the sight of the street where Austin was located projected in the old man's perception.

"A kid! A lad who is less than 20 years old!

How is this possible?" the old man suddenly exclaimed.

He was not expecting someone very young.

The kid had a strong physical quality for such a young age!

'He can destroy my soul-consuming fogs, extract, and purify those souls. His spiritual sense must be powerful. Let me feel it!'

The old man's spiritual sense, immersed in the blue stone ball, continuously showed him everything about Austin.

At the same time, Austin, who was still extracting and purifying the souls, suddenly became alert.

A seemingly ubiquitous mysterious perceptual force suddenly came from all directions and shot, all of a sudden, on Austin's body.

The strange perceptual force was like a spiritual sense, but quite different and unique. It emerged from all directions––above the street, from the buildings on both sides of the street, and even from the underground.

It seemed that all objects that existed in the area could possibly be a carrier of that mysterious perceptual force.

Austin was surprised and immediately stopped extracting the souls. The massive spiritual sense in the Soul Sea quickly formed a defensive cover, firmly protecting his Soul Sea and rejecting the perceptual force.

The perceptual force was trying to penetrate his Soul Sea.

Right away, Austin felt that the force was immensely strong.

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