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   Chapter 732 Spiritual Sense Liquefaction

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Austin was a habitual cultivator, to the point of being considered an addict. Once he fell into a state of cultivation, he would be a little crazy and neglect other things. It was his personality.

Tessa watched as Austin refined all the ghost souls in the soul-consuming fog one after the other. In the beginning, it surprised her that Austin could refine the souls. After a while, she became calm and eventually she was so used to it. She felt that it was nothing to be marveled about at how much Austin had consumed.

Austin's excellent performance in many situations had surprised her so many times since they met that gradually, Tessa came to recognize that he was a talented young man and it was just normal for him to do what others could not do.

The girl in purple robes who at the beginning complained incessantly gradually stopped complaining and calmed down. After observing Austin who was always tirelessly cultivating for a period of time, it suddenly dawned on her why Austin, a boy who was also about her age, was much more superior in strength as compared to her strength.

When he had refined the souls in a dozen of grey fogs, Austin's spiritual sense covered a distance of 4, 000 meters within the weird city!

Suddenly, Austin realized that something like tiny drops of water sometimes appeared in his Soul Sea and they were suspended and scattered in every corner and they were unrecognizable.

If the cultivation had not enhanced his ability to sense his Soul Sea, he would not have found the tiny, unnoticeable water-like drops.

'What are these?' he wondered.

Austin was confused as he examined the water-like droplet in his Soul Sea carefully with his spiritual sense.

Then suddenly, an idea flashed through his mind. He remembered some of the information about a kind of spiritual sense change that Angus told him and it was very similar to the kind of change that was happening to his Soul Sea.

When a cultivator's spiritual sense increased to a certain degree, his spiritual sense would start to liquefy.

The change was called Spiritual Sense Liquefaction, and it happened when the spiritual sense was powerful enough and had reached its breakthrough point. At the end of the change, the spiritual sense would condense into liquid and exist within the Soul Sea in the liquid state.

Originally before a warrior reached the liquefy stage, the spiritual sense was an invisible and intangible force which could only be perceived by one's mind.

But once the spiritual sense was turned into a liquid, the seemingly invisible force became tangible and could be touched.

Generally, a cultivator's spiritual sense would begin to liquefy only when he had reached the Astral Realm!

Besides, Angus once told him that only a few cultivators' spiritual sense could reach the degree of Spiritual Sense Liquefaction. Even if one reached the Astral Realm, his spiritual sense might still not be strong enough to activate the change.

'So this means that my spiritual sense level has reached the level of powerful ma

each soul-consuming fog has an array and its structure is very stable.

Is it because someone has broken the array in it?"

"That is impossible. Even a cultivator of Master Realm can't easily break the array if he isn't familiar with the fog.

The castellans are the only three cultivators of Master Realm in the city. There's a blade cultivator who was also at the Master Realm though. He had been caught by the castellans Tyson and Gordon anyway.

How can there be another cultivator of the Master Realm wandering around in the city?!"

"Normally, where there is a soul-consuming fog, there are numerous souls. But I can't see even one soul here. It's really strange."

The City Guardians had never met this situation. For a moment, they were all confused.

"Forget it.

Maybe it is just because a fog's array doesn't work. It shouldn't be a big deal. When we return, we will just report our findings to the castellans. We're not good at arrays, so even if we just stand here and make a guess about what is wrong, we'll have no answer.

We'd better search for the man and the three women first!"

a mature City Guardian said.

So they headed to another street using their secret bodily movement skills and disappeared.

Half a day later, the City Guardians appeared at another street where Austin and the other three girls had stayed before. The fog in that place was thinner and had fallen apart into threads. As the City Guardians looked at the scene, their faces were covered with extreme astonishment and confusion.

Along the way, they didn't see any intact soul-consuming fog. What they saw was just dissolved soul-consuming fogs which were becoming thinner and disappearing.

While in the past, the soul-consuming fogs were always everywhere, and it was difficult to avoid them.

Finally, the City Guardians believed that something had gone wrong and the arrays in the soul-consuming fogs were somehow being damaged. Not just one or two fogs had been destroyed but numerous fogs were being destroyed.

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