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   Chapter 731 The Growing Spiritual Souls

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Since the gnome was about to break through to a higher level, Austin knew he shouldn't be stingy or try to save crystals.

Compared to humans, it was much more difficult for demonic beasts and diabolic beasts to make a breakthrough in their cultivation, and that meant that they had to pay much more attention, effort and time on it. Of course, Austin wouldn't hesitate to show his support at such a critical moment.

Gritting his teeth, Austin took out almost half of the superior vital energy crystals he possessed, a number of elixirs, medicinal materials and even several pieces of divine vital energy crystals from the Space Ring, and sent them into the Illusion Bead.

"You can use as much as you need. If these are not enough, just let me know,"

Austin said. He seemed to be very generous with his actions. However, internally he was very reluctant, and he felt his heart bleeding.

Violet knew how he felt. She couldn't help but laugh in the Illusion Bead, covering her mouth with her hand so as not to offend him.

"Master, this city seems very bizarre, and the three castellans have already reached the Master Realm, so we'd better leave as soon as possible."

Since Violet could communicate with Austin telepathically, she could also read his mind and understand their current predicament.

"The four people in their discussion have just said that there is an invisible force that prevents people from reaching the edge of the city. This is the main reason why the cultivators are trapped in this city and can't leave.

I guess the city's edge is protected by some elaborate magical array or barrier.

Violet, you have an inborn ability and are good at using illusion, so you should be more sensitive to magic arrays as compared to the rest of us. When I finish cultivating by taking advantage of the souls, we can try to make a break at the city edge. Maybe we can break through the magical arrays.

It's a good opportunity for me to cultivate using the souls in the city."

After discussing with Violet, Austin continued to practice the Soul-transforming Skill and improve his Soul Sea.

Austin was focused and with the complete immersion of his body and mind and he slowly fell into the realm of cultivation and felt his body and mind unify. He entered a sort of trance and experienced a clarity of mind.

The dark and glittering spiritual sense chain in Austin's Soul Sea became thicker and longer, and the spiritual sense power it released was stronger. Wherever it went, the souls fled, shrieking in horror, like they had seen snakes and scorpions.

Some souls even tried to escape from the grey mist. However, the mist was like a yoke which suppressed them like an invisible force. They were trappe

appening in his Soul Sea.

Finally, the grey fog that was covering the street cleared, and all the souls had disappeared.

Austin heaved a sigh of relief. Then he stood up and released his spiritual sense power.

He was pleasantly surprised to realize that he could reach a scope of 1, 500 meters in the city!

Austin used his spiritual sense power to carefully explore the area within 1, 500 meters and quickly determined the position of several other masses of soul-consuming fog.

He then led Tessa and the other two girls towards the area where the soul-consuming fog masses were located.

Austin knew that the three girls couldn't go anywhere without him. Besides, the numerous soul-consuming fog which was constantly moving within the city was a great threat to them, so he had to take them with him.

After a short while, Austin found the soul-consuming fog he had probed. He threw out the yellow array flag and summoned the soul-consuming fog masses to the same street. Then he began to extract and purify the spiritual sense energy from the souls covered in the grey mist.

About four hours later, all the souls were extracted and purified and cleared from the area.

Austin tried again and found that the range his spiritual sense power could probe had increased to 2, 000 meters!

Now that Austin had tasted the benefit of refining the souls, he changed to another place and began to look for new targets. After a short while, he found several other masses of soul-consuming fog. He collected them together and continued to extract and purify them.

There was a lot of soul-consuming fog that occupied the city.

Therefore, after extracting and purifying the current batch of souls, Austin immediately found some new soul-consuming fog masses.

A new round of extracting and purifying began…

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