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   Chapter 730 A Breakthrough For Gnome

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Austin was distressed at the thought that he might be pursued by three martial artists of the Master Realm.

"Forget it! For now we can only hide. Later we can act on our own accord.

There is a lot of soul-consuming fog in the city. The souls in the fog are of great help as they strengthened my spiritual sense. So, I need to take up this opportunity to find the soul-consuming fog and enhance my spiritual sense. This is a great chance for me.

Moreover, in this city, my range of spiritual sense has reached 1, 000 meters. If I absorb more power from the souls, it will increase further, and I'll have a better chance of defeating our enemies."

Austin made up his mind.

"Let's go! Let's get out of here."

Austin turned and walked towards the edge of the city. He thought that would be better because the center of the city was home to three Mater Realm cultivators and their men.

"Hey, lecher, where are you going? Get us out of here!"

Tessa followed Austin quietly. But the girl in purple got annoyed when she saw Austin walking towards the direction they just came from, which made her shout at him.

"Young lady, if Austin finds a way, he'll get us out of here. Please be patient.

They have known where we are, so we must hide. If we stay here, they'll find us soon."

Tessa's instincts told her that the girl in purple might be a princess of a sect. Tessa thought she was a lovely girl, but she was a little wayward.

Hearing Tessa, the girl in the purple dress looked at Austin and noticed that he was not looking at her. She stamped her feet angrily. Helplessly she followed Tessa. She was afraid that they would leave her. There was no way that she would stay in this strange city alone.

While Austin and the girls started walking away, something else was happening in the center of the city. Tyson and Gordon had gathered a dozen of their men. They were escorting Malick and the men of the Flying Fish Gang, and other two gangs to a magnificent palace.

"During this period of time, we caught more than 100 Imperial Realm martial artists and a blade cultivator who reached the Master Realm. Since we have so many high quality spiritual souls, we can present their bodies as living sacrifices for our master to cure himself,"

said Tyson casually.

"No, that's not enough. Our master has said that he needs spiritual souls of at least 200 martial artists of the Imperial Realm to do that,"

said Gordon, frowning slightly.

"Ha ha! Don't you remember that more than 100 of our slaves have reached Imperial Realm?"

Tyson said with a smile.

Gordon froze and patted him on his shoulder as if he was thanking him for reminding him something.

"You're right! I almost forgot that."

"With more than 100 slaves who have reached Imperial Realm, it should be enough for our master to heal his wounds.

Moreover, we caught a blade cultivator who has reached the Master Re

ing Skill to release one of the spiritual sense chain from his Soul Sea. He used the chain to capture the souls in the fog and drag them into his Soul Sea so as to extract and purify them.

While Austin was busy extracting and purifying those souls, Violet's voice came out of the Illusion Bead and broke his concentration.

"Master, the gnome says he's on the verge of a breakthrough, but he still needs some resources to help him."

Since her last battle at the Sunset Mountain, Violet had been quietly practicing in the Illusion Bead. Austin hadn't heard about the gnome since then too. Violet told Austin that the gnome had also been focused on cultivation.

Austin was very interested in that. He hadn't expected that a noisy creature like the gnome would do something like that.

Austin was surprised and curious to learn more about the gnome as it was about to make a breakthrough. 'Will it get stronger?' he thought.

In Austin's view, the gnome was born with the ability to sense the existence of treasures. He was very good at finding them.

In addition, when they met Angus in Mysterious Nether World, Austin had learnt that the gnome was not afraid of the attack by other people's spiritual sense.

Austin thought that the gnome in addition to the likes of the treasures he possessed, did not have any other skills. It looked like a common demonic beast most of the time. However, it was odd that he wasn't able to know exactly what kind of power of the gnome had.

"What resources does the gnome need?"

asked Austin.

"It says it needs as many superior vital energy crystals as possible and a sixth level or seventh level elixir. Other treasures and medicinal pills containing strong spiritual energy are also acceptable,"

Violet replied.

Austin was surprised to hear it and thought, 'These are all priceless treasures! What a greedy guy the gnome is!' He was taken aback and wondered what he would do now!

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