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   Chapter 729 Three Master Realm Cultivators

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Moments later, astonishment registered on the freckled face of the man.

Veritable Demon Sect had been cultivating countless strong warriors, making them well-known not only in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, but in the entire South Continent of the Prime Martial World.

After witnessing Austin and Dahlia display their formidable physical strength, he immediately thought of the Veritable Demon Sect. That kind of strength seemed rather familiar to the man.

"Be careful, guys. Don't take them lightly. They possess incredible physical power. They are difficult to handle.

Use soul-consuming fog to trap them. We need to evacuate right now," the man with freckles shouted at his three companions. He turned around and walked away from Austin and the three girls.

He then flexed his palm, and several yellow flags materialized in his hand. The flags shot towards both ends of the street and disappeared in the distance.

He was at the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm and had five companions––three at the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm, and the others at the premium stage of Sky Realm. With two Imperial Realm cultivators killed and with him injured, he was left with only one ally at the Imperial Realm and two at the premium stage of Sky Realm.

Knowing that they were no match for Austin, he thought the best way to keep themselves alive was to run away.

His other companions, on the other hand, freaked out after watching Austin beat two Imperial Realm cultivators to death. The cowards activated their bodily movement skills and headed for one end of the street.

While they were on the run, they also threw yellow flags into the air as the man with freckles did.

Soon after, thick gray fog coming from the sky and two ends of the street enveloped the whole area.

Hundreds of souls screamed among the smoke as the temperature of the street dropped dramatically.

Although Tessa, Dahlia, and Faye knew that Austin could handle the souls, their faces paled in fear at the sight of the thick grey fog.

"I won't let you leave," Austin said to the four who were on the run.

He wasn't planning on letting them run away since he intended to get some useful information about the mysterious city.

Austin summoned his Thunderbolt Movement Skill and vanished into thin air.

Since the four moved at an amazingly fast speed, they had already reached the ends of the street without the fog. They were relieved not to see any sign of the girls or the young man.

'The souls among the gray fog could cause severe damage to the cultivators' spiritual souls. Once the souls enter their bodies, they will lose their souls. Even though that brat and that girl boast strong physical power, they could do nothing about it, ' the four guardians thought.

"Hurry up. Activate the soul-consuming fog. After the souls devour their souls, I'm gonna fuck the three girls and torture them to my heart's content," the man with freckles instructed, applying the medicine to his right arm.

He could still feel the enormous pain coming from his injured arm, which had been broken by Dahlia.

As soon as he finished his sentence, Austin had already stood next to him. Austin

s of Jim.

When Austin asked them how to leave the city, the four shook their heads with a desperate expression on their faces. They told him that they had never seen anyone get out of that place alive.

According to them, it seemed like the city had a magic power of locking the intruders inside, making it hard for them to escape.

They truthfully explained the tragic reality of the city––a forsaken place filled with wandering ghosts and trapped cultivators.

Moreover, Austin had also learned the method of summoning and controlling the gray fog––Soul-consuming Array––from the four.

"Sorry, guys, I can't keep you alive," Austin mocked once he got all the information he needed.

'If I set them free, they will send a message to their superior, and our whereabouts will be exposed, ' he thought as he realized that they were cunning.

Austin was a determined person, and he never had, not even once, felt troubled killing people.

Besides, the three, who were in charge of the city, were Master Realm cultivators. Once they learned about their existence, Austin knew that he and his companions would be in grave danger.

After getting what he wanted to know, Austin beat the four to death.

And when his fist landed on the last cultivator who was at the premium stage of Sky Realm, the latter drew a sinister smile and said, "Brat, you're dead. I already filled Mr. Tyson in. You can't get away."

Austin punched him in the head as anxiety rose in his heart.

'It looks like this man had used some secret skill to inform Tyson. We'll be pursued soon, ' he thought.

"What should we do, Austin?"

"Hey, lecher! Are we gonna be trapped here for the rest of our lives?"

Tessa and Dahlia asked at the same time. The three girls fixed their eyes on Austin as they worried about their lives.

The girls heard that there were three Master Realm cultivators in charge of the city. Their location had been leaked and the three Master Realm cultivators would be after them! How terrible!

At the thought of facing three Master Realm cultivators, the four, including Austin, were filled with apprehension.

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