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   Chapter 728 The Veritable Demon Sect

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"Gordon, the God-killing Chain given by our master is really powerful!" Tyson exclaimed in an envious tone.

Their master had given both of them a treasure—a God-killing Chain for Gordon, which he had refined earlier so that it could exert its power now, and another one for Tyson, which was still unrefined. Gordon could now use his chain while Tyson's treasure was still left unexplored.

Hearing Tyson's envious words, Gordon showed a complacent smile and said with pride, "The God-killing Chain had obtained our master great fame when he was young. There is no doubt that it should be a mighty weapon.

I believe your weapon is also a powerful one once it is refined. Our master treats us equally, so you don't need to envy me."

Tyson nodded in agreement as he resolved to spend time refining the treasure later on. He believed that by that time, he would undoubtedly make further improvement.

By the time Malick and the martial artists all were captured by them, the souls in that light grey fog had been entirely refined by Austin with his Soul-transforming Skill.

Without the wandering souls, the fog seemed to be no menacing at all. Gradually, it became thinner and thinner until it entirely dispersed.

Austin felt delighted to see it completely vanish. He stood up and walked towards Tessa and the other two girls.

"Hey, lecher. Where have the horrible souls gone?" the girl dressed in purple asked with curiosity.

Austin smiled but refrained from answering.

He was uncertain whether the girl was a friend or a foe, but he was more assured that she might be an enemy. So, he decided not to tell her his secret.

Seeing Austin press his lips and keep silent, the girl felt unhappy. She quirked her lips and then said sulkily, "Fine. You may keep your secret. No big deal. I don't care about it anyway."

"You are really a strange man, Austin. I can't see through you," said Tessa as she stared at Austin in surprise.

She was surprised at Austin's strength. The souls that just frightened them had been resolved by Austin alone.

The past few days, the scariest thing for the three women were undoubtedly the souls. And now that Austin had dealt with them, the girls finally got relieved.

After a short rest, Austin continued to lead the three women to walk on. They moved slowly along the streets with great caution. The whole city was shrouded in a weird atmosphere with its big and complex streets intertwining, making the entire area look like a vast maze.

Austin had recently absorbed many souls, and he now could clearly feel that his spiritual sense had grown stronger.

Furthermore, since the souls had existed in the city for a long time, when they were absorbed by Austin, they somehow engraved a sense of familiarity of the town in Austin's heart.

As Austin, along with the three women, was walking on the desolate streets and heading towards the center of the city, he suddenly had

thud, the punch disintegrated the protective palm and finally hit the right arm of the man.

"Crack!" The man's right arm was immediately broken in two.

He screamed in pain and quickly stepped back. He never thought that the girl was capable of handling 300, 000 pounds of physical strength, so he was caught off guard, which made him suffer a significant loss.

Austin remained standing unbothered as he was not surprised at the strength of the girl. He knew clearly that 300, 000 pounds of physical strength were enough to determine the defeat of a martial artist at the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm—more so if he was off guard.

So instead of helping the girl, Austin chose to save Tessa and the maidservant girl. He quickly moved and stood before them, exerting his power to the extreme. A great force of 400, 000 pounds was sent out.

The two men, who were about to make passes at Tessa and the maid, suddenly felt as if there was a significant force weighing on them. They were encumbered by a dreadful power, as the space seemed to be suppressed.

At that moment, the lustful men couldn't even move or retreat.

"Boom! Boom!" With two explosive sounds, their bodies suddenly exploded. Blood, flesh, and bones were scattered in the sky as the smell of blood reeked in the air.

The other four men could feel nothing but the aggressive pounding of their hearts as they saw the remains of their two companions. The sight of Austin's fist, which was dripping with their blood, made them tremble. They were already surprised to witness the girl break a man's arm with one blow. And when Austin killed two men with only two punches, they couldn't even believe their eyes!

They thought that they were only at the Sky Realm and so they shouldn't have the power to beat three martial artists of the Imperial Realm with two dead and one wounded. It didn't make sense.

"The Veritable Demon Sect! You belong to the Veritable Demon Sect!"

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