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   Chapter 727 Square Battle

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"Be careful, this man is very good at cutting skills."

Tyson, the middle-aged man, warned his partner Gordon, because he had suffered a big loss when he fought against Malick. They needed to be more careful.

While he was speaking, he suddenly threw five small black flags. A swarm of ghosts flew out from the flags. They squealed and rushed towards the two beams of blade that was unleashed by Malick.

Tyson held a dark trident in his hands after he took out the flags. It was dark, exuding a fearsome aura.

Tyson injected his vital energy into it. The trident immediately turned bigger like a long black python that was a hundred feet long. The trident then pounced on Malick and resisted one of the blade light that was released by him.

"Tyson, don't worry. I know that this boy is powerful. Yeah, his strength is a bit incredible. Even the God-trapping Array could not stop him.

However, if we fight him together and still don't catch him, I'd say we should just die from embarrassment."

Gordon smiled. He seemed quite confident. A black chain that was as thick as an adult's arm suddenly appeared around his body with a loud noise. The chain circled around him and shielded him from the attacks.

At the tip of the black chain, there stood a giant devil's head. It had strands of white hair that was standing up straight like steel needles. Its two big eyes shone every time it caught the light. Stinking saliva dripped down from its jaw when it opened its mouth to let out an ear-piercing roar.

The black iron chain was surrounded by countless of ghosts. They were issuing piercing screams continuously and they seemed very daunting.

"Gordon, I can't believe that you succeeded in controlling the God-killing Chain made by our master!"

Tyson was shocked to see the long thick black chain. He also became kind of jealous of Gordon for being able to succeed in doing such a feat. He knew that although he was the elder disciple, Gordon was much more powerful than him. Now that Gordon was able to use the God-killing Chain, he would never have a chance against him now.

"Ha-ha! It's the first time that I would be using the God-killing Chain against an enemy. I believe that this would be a good opportunity to test it out."

Gordon laughed proudly. The God-killing Chain circled around his body constantly. Then it broke one of the blades of light.

The ferocious devil's head on the God-killing Chain opened its mouth that was full of frightening fangs the

n that he would encounter such dangerous enemies, he would have stored up many powerful pills.

To Malick's surprise, Tyson and Gordon fought against him for more than an hour. He never saw them swallow any kind of pill to supply their vital energy force. However, the vital energy in their bodies did not seem to have been consumed at all during their fight. The both of them remained at their best.

Malick was surprised and also a bit scared. After observing them for a moment, he figured out the reason for their exuberant power. In the course of the battle, the ghosts around the two men kept moving toward their bodies. Then the two men would suddenly absorb them into their own bodies.

It seemed that the two men would absorb the ghosts and transform them into their own vital energy. That would only mean that in the square that was full of tens of thousands of ghosts, the two men had no need to worry about vital energy consumption.

About two hours later, Malick could no longer resist the God-killing Chain's attack. The chain surrounded him and then the devil head bit the back of his head. He immediately felt a great pain in his spiritual souls before finally losing consciousness.

Gordon was surprised to see that the God-killing Chain was able to bite a cultivator at the Master Realm into unconsciousness. It was the first time that he used the chain. However, he still managed to successfully defeat a blade cultivator at the same realm as him.

It was known that the sword and blade cultivators were usually the most difficult to defeat. In the same realm, sword and blade cultivators would have better combat powers than others.

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