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   Chapter 726 The Enemy Had Appeared (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6790

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"Follow me, guys! Let's fight together and get out of this bloody fog first!" Malick called out.

Hearing his words, all the men from the Flying Fish Sect, the Iron Palm Sect as well as the Evergreen Sect shouted in unison their accord. Deploying their unique skills, they cooperated with Malick and began to fight their way out of the square.

There was strength in numbers, and in a short time, the team had made short work of the fog, making significant progress.

Everyone was immensely inspired by the temporary victory, and all of them fought with more vigor.

"Well done! We won't be trapped in this damn place with Malick leading us out!"

One by one, they encouraged each other as they cheered themselves on.

"Let's use the God-trapping Array together, brother. That Blade Master is stronger than we thought. I'm afraid we won't be able to fulfill the task assigned by our master if we are not careful, that net of blades is very fierce."

The middle-aged man's voice sounded again from the fog suddenly.

He was answered by a wild laugh. "Ha ha ha! Don't worry, big brother. None of them will escape from this place today!"

Another voice full of presumptuousness and ruthlessness answered.

As soon as the voices stopped speaking, the number of ghosts lingering in the greyish white fog increased suddenly. Soon the place was thickly dotted with ghosts everywhere in the fog. Tens and thousands of them galloped ahead, roaring and growling loudly.

The evil spirit demons howled and growled as they headed for the center of the square, narrowing their target space as they encircled the area. A dreadful clamor filled the place as the whole square trembled violently as if experiencing an earthquake.

The cold wind blew as it overcast a cold and bleak atmosphere while it diminished the light in the whole place.  As the evil demon spirits rushed in gritting their teeth and crackling through their mouth, they made a beeline for the middle of the square and fiercely attacked the people who were the

d the flood of haunting ghosts. At the same time, they started paying attention to protecting each other as much as possible.

Within a short time, they seemed to have been able to withstand the violent and frenzied attacks from the ghost army.

"Well, it's not going to be that easy. Come, brother, for the second attempt. It's time to make the final strike."

The middle-aged man's voice resounded again throughout the square. As his voice faded, two male figures suddenly appeared in front of the crowd.

Apart from the middle-aged man who had been forced out of his protection cover by Malick earlier, there was also another man, who was shorter and younger. The two stood side by side and blocked the way.

"Finally, you have the guts to show yourselves, cowards? Your death will be swift, I promise!"

Malick cursed upon seeing them. He was already burning with killing intent, upset and driven by their sneak attacks and all the annoying ghosts; he just could not hold back his rage any longer and cried out with great hatred the instant he saw the enemies' faces. He bellowed, conjuring two sword-lights as large as doors, and struck them at the enemies while sending out two flashes of lightning. His attack started a storm within the square and strong winds swirled around the sword-lights, rushing together towards the two enemies.

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