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   Chapter 725 The Enemy Had Appeared (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6806

Updated: 2019-08-19 00:53

Malick became more alert and careful once he realized that his fierce strike had no effect. It seemed to him now whoever was taking cover behind this thick fog was not to be looked down upon, so he had to be more vigilant.

As a respectable and experienced Master Realm cultivator, Malick could still vaguely locate the enemy despite his spiritual sense being restricted and he could barely use it.

The blade-light he had just unleashed was quick, sudden, and well-aimed. It was equivalent to a surprise attack, and the fact that the enemy could dodge it so easily meant that it was a formidable foe that had great skills and was not to be under-estimated.

However, since someone had reacted to his attack, it at least proved one thing. The weird city was not totally deserted. It seemed that some people were hiding in the shadow and playing tricks on them.

The mysterious things that were happening in the strange city had distressed Malick ever since he had set foot in the desolate town. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't figure things out. Now that clear enemies had come out and made some kind of interactions with him, he secretly felt relieved instead of fear.

Once his cultivation base had leveled up to the Master Realm, he had feared no one, since no one had really posed any threat to him in the Sunset Mountain. So he wasn't really scared of the enemies, although he still couldn't see them.

"You are still playing tricks with me, huh? How dare you challenge me like this? It seems that I must teach you a lesson, or else you will never learn!"

Malick warned, although there was no response this time. He sneered in his mind, wielded his saber and a slashing blade intent was created and released from within his body, bursting out into the air. Dozens of dazzling saber-lights carrying explosive strength shot out fast and formed a formidable net of sharp blades, which rushed overwhelmingly towards the square, in the direction of the enemy's voice.

The solid wall of greyish white fog was br

ud by the net's force. Fortunately, after holding out for a while, the standoff finally ended when the net of blades slowly ran out of energy and dissipated, unable to attack any more.

The shield survived the barrage of attacks, but several small cracks appeared on its surface. The man's face darkened when he noticed the damage and he regretted being careless, otherwise, Malick wouldn't have been able to take the upper hand. From now on, he had to take his rival more seriously.

He quickly put his shield back and with a wave of his hand. He then summoned the thick fog which flooded into the space that Malick had earlier cleared. Soon the corner where he stood was again covered by the white curtain of fog, and the man vanished into thin air.

"So he is also a Master Realm cultivator, a rather strong one!"

The people who witnessed the confrontation became aware of their enemy's level of strength after seeing how the middle-aged man channeled his vital energy into the shield to strengthen it.

He might have been a bit weaker than Malick, but his cultivation base was definitely at the Master Realm.

After realizing that he could get at the enemy with a single blow, Malick was quite reassured of his skills. Taking a deep breath, he created another glistening and overwhelming net of blades and pushed it towards the enemy again.

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