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   Chapter 723 A MUTATION

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There were many Imperial Realm warriors serving among the Flying Fish Sect, Iron Palm Sect and Evergreen Sect. Their overall strength couldn't be underestimated.

However, the seemingly small gap between the Imperial Realm and the Master Realm could mean a tremendous difference equivalent to comparing mud and stone between two warriors in strength and fighting skills. A Master Realm warrior was capable of wiping out dozens of Imperial Realm warriors easily.

Malick, in particular, was a respected member of the Sky Sect and a Master Realm warrior; however, he was also known for being unpredictable, fickle, merciless and had developed a habit of killing people without considering whether they were innocent or guilty.

Therefore, when they found Malick standing at the square, none of the members from the three sects dared to move near him.

Over the years, Malick had been traveling around the world and was familiar with sects of different sizes. Although the three sects, the Flying Fish Sect, the Iron Palm Sect and the Evergreen Sect were only categorized as second-rate powers, Malick still recognized them.

The arrival of the three sects excited Malick. In the past two days, he had been lonely looking for anything useful inside the city but found nothing.

Now that he had bumped into such a large group of people, he naturally wanted to ask them and figure out what was happening in the city.

"Come here, you must be leaders from the Flying Fish Sect, Iron Palm Sect and Evergreen Sect. Don't be afraid. I would like to have a chat with you,"

Malick said in a superior manner.

The three leaders exchanged glances, contemplating their options and since they were worried that they might offend Malick, they decided to hear what he had to say. Therefore, they called their disciples and walked towards Malick.

Over the last two days, the members and disciples of the three sects had suffered a lot while trying to find a way out of the city. The grey and white fog had deprived most of Sky Realm warriors of their spiritual souls. As a result, they had been wandering aimlessly looking like ghosts. Even some Imperial Realm warriors had lost their souls.

Only about a few dozens of the members were alive or capable of defending themselves.

The horrifying, frustrating and helpless experience sent chills to their bones. Now, all they could think about and focus their energies on was finding a way out of the city and reuniting with their families. However, no matter what they did and tried, they still couldn't get a clue on how to get out or even how they got in.

The three leaders were pleasantly surprised to suddenly encounter a Master Realm warrior.  Since Malick was stronger and more skilled, with his help, they had a higher chance of getting out of the city, safe and sound.

Therefore, Malick and the three leaders wanted help from each other. Even a bit of useful information was better than walking alone in the city and knowing nothing about it.

"Sir, what do you need from us?"

The leader of the Flying Fish Sect bowed and asked him respectfully. Although he was older in age than Malick, in the Martial arts world strength and skills mattered more. Therefore despite his age, he was still inferior to Malick. Living in such a world, only warriors with a higher level of marti

be trapped and get into trouble if they didn't get out quickly.

Other members of the three sects did not slow down. Instead they competed with each other and followed closely behind their leaders.

A few moments later, Malick moving in a flash, got to the northeast corner of the square and made his way inside the mist. Suddenly, the flailing ghosts, clearly hungry for human flesh and blood, pounced on him.

"Humph, you do not understand who I am and what I can do to ghosts."

Malick smiled coldly. He was well-prepared and felt confident in dealing with the insignificant ghosts. Inside his Soul Sea, a long and sharp machete materialized. It started to rotate and slash at the ghosts.

In the blink of an eye, a dozen souls were hit by the machete and broken into countless pieces.

"Use your spiritual sense to kill them," Malick instructed.

The members from the three sects followed behind Malick and broke into the mist in the northeast corner.

The existence of the souls was illusionary, so only the use of spiritual sense could wipe them out.

Imperial Realm warriors from the three sects used all kinds of spiritual-sense related martial arts to deal with the horrifying souls.

There was strength in numbers. When they worked together, it was not long before they successfully stopped the souls' attack.

Malick led the way and walked outside the square slowly.

"Ha-ha. You can't get out of here so easily.

Surrender and give up your souls. Then, you can die less painfully."

The square echoed with the eerie voice.

"I'll kill you!"

Malick wielded a long sword and slashed at the south part of the square with the light of his sword.

In a flash, it divided the space into two parts.

Even the mist was halved.

However, as soon as it was halved, it recovered back to its former shape quickly.

"You're a blade cultivator. That's good. The soul of blade cultivator is the purest, and his willpower is the strongest. My master will be glad to use your soul to cultivate his martial arts and heal his wounds."

That voice was heard on the other side of the square. Although Malick's blade was sharp and powerful, the person with that eerie voice wasn't hurt a bit.

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