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   Chapter 722 A Cultivator Of Master Realm Fallen In The Trap

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"Master, we can't thank you enough for your patronage!"

Inside the secret room, the two middle-aged men were excited about the rewards that were promised to them by the old man. They bowed to thank him.

They knew that the seemingly ordinary and lifeless old man was a big fish in the pond. He had extraordinary power over other cultivators in the Prime Martial World. Once he recovered fully, using his strength, he could dominate the Prime Martial World again.

In that case, being his disciples, the two of them could follow the old man as he did everything as per his will in the Prime Martial World. That would bring them so many benefits.

One of the middle-aged men, who was standing beside the old man suddenly paused. There was excitement on his face.

"Master, just now I received information from the patrol servants that among the cultivators who were transmitted here by the array, one cultivator is at the Master Realm!

Besides him, there are dozens of cultivators who are at the Imperial Realm!

And hundreds of cultivators are at the Sky Realm."

"Master Realm!

Ha-ha. Cultivators

lf so easily. He could get rid of the fog.

Though he had a stronger spiritual sense, Malick felt more and more nervous after two days of looking for the exit in vain. When he encountered the square, he found it large enough and there was no grey fog. So he walked towards the square to have a short break.

He sat down, crossed his legs and closed his eyes to rest. After a while, his expression changed because he found that a group of cultivators was walking in his direction. They were led by three cultivators.

They were the leaders of the Flying Fish Sect, the Iron Palm Sect and the Evergreen Sect. They were leading their subordinates towards that square.

While Malick had sensed them, they found Malick who was at the center of the square.


The leaders of the three sects whispered the name and paused at the same time. They were surprised to see him there. They stared at him with shock and confusion all over their faces.

Malick was a famous cultivator of the Master Realm. The leaders of the three sects were like weak and feeble ants in front of this really powerful cultivator.

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