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   Chapter 722 Destroy Them All

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"You damned lecher! Why did you suddenly stop?"

The girl in purple's temper was harsh and unreasonable. She suddenly spoke in a fit of anger as she stood up.

As Austin and Dahlia stopped, Tessa and Faye also both came to a stop beside them.

"Austin, what is it?"

Tessa assumed that he had found something.

"Sorry, Tessa, I'm afraid I can't explain it to you right now.

You all have to stay close to me, at least within three meters around me. Otherwise, I won't be able to protect you if you're too far."

Austin was eager to use the derelict spiritual souls so as to improve his Soul-transforming Skill as soon as possible; he, therefore, had no time to explain everything to them. He sat down cross-legged like an old monk in meditation.

In his Soul Sea, a long spiritual sense chain formed, which was dark, glistening and gave out cold lights as if reflecting from a sword.

With the help of his strong spiritual sense, Austin activated the spiritual sense chain and launched it to capture the five souls that were hovering around.

The five souls struggled and put up a desperate fight to escape the chain. However, Austin's Soul-transforming Skill had been elevated to a higher level because of his diligent training, so the spiritual sense chain was very strong. Once any souls were captured they immediately became soft and unable to exert their strength so they couldn't escape easily.

It became easier for Austin to drag the five souls in his Soul Sea and immediately began to refine them. They produced wretched screams due to the painful process and the five souls finally fainted and transformed into five light spots as they became a part of Austin's Soul Sea.

Although Austin hadn't activated the Soul-transforming Skill in a long time, his spiritual sense now was strong enough, so it was an easy job for him. He instantly melted their energy and absorbed the power of the five souls.

After refining the five souls, Austin felt that his power of spiritual sense had increased. However, it was insignificant since it wasn't enough to make rapid progress, although there were many more souls, which he could refine to improve his ability. The more souls he captured, the stronger his spiritual power would become.

"Hey, lecher! What are you doing? I don't want to stay in this scary, okay?"

The girl in purple was scared of the souls that were hovering around, so she urged Austin to take her out of the horrible place.

She could not understand how he could just suddenly stop and sit there? She couldn't help yelling at him.

"Miss, can you please keep quiet? Austin's probably improving some critical secret skill.

You can leave on your own if you're in a hurry."

Tessa was also a bit confused by Austin's strange behavior a

"Austin, you really destroyed all the souls?"

Tessa asked astonished as she looked at the empty street.

Austin nodded as he said, "Yes, I've absorbed all the souls in my soul sea. But now what we have to do is to find how to leave this place."

Looking around the odd place, he didn't want to stay there anymore.

Next, they carefully explored the place trying to find their way out.

At the same time, in the middle of the desolate town, in a huge luxuriant palace.

Three people were in a secret cultivation chamber.

One of them, sitting cross-legged, was a very old man with a wrinkled face and looked like an old tree bark. He sat still looking like a dead man, but in his eyes, there was a ray of a shrewd light.

The other two were middle-aged men who stood by each of his sides. One was on the left, the other on the right.

"Well, well, well, it's wonderful that we've got so many new warriors.

I think all of them are in a high cultivation base, so their spiritual souls must be good.

My storage can now be replenished,"

said the old man happily.

"Yes, master. With these souls, your wound will be completely healed soon enough and you can be as powerful as before,"

said the mid-aged man on the left-hand side.

"Yes, master, once you have recovered, you'll be invincible in the Southern Continent of the Prime Martial World,"

said the other man on the right.

"Well, it's true. You two will be rewarded once I replenish my powers. Both of you have been staying with me in this dark cave. I know it's very hard, so I won't forget your sacrifice.

You can rest assured that once you help me extort as many souls as possible to help me recover, you will be well compensated, and then you will appreciate how your sacrifice over the years have been worthwhile,"

said the old man satisfactorily.

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