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   Chapter 720 Damned Lecher

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Austin hurried over to help when he found Tessa and the other two being bewitched by the sounds of the spiritual souls coming from within the mist.

Urgently, Austin mustered his vital energy and released a deep throaty shout into the three maidens' ears while he released a focused blast of his spiritual sense to defend their Soul Seas.

Finally, the three maidens recovered from their trans-like states. All were shocked, their bodies soaked in sweet intoxicating sweat. "It scared me to death. I seemed to be caught in a dream in which my spiritual souls were trapped and couldn't find my body.

I felt as if I was lost at sea. It's too scary!"

Dahlia recalled as she clutched at her chest, which heaved passionately with each shallow b


Plus, these spiritual souls were also trying their best to capture his body, so there was no need to feel guilty about taking their energy!

Having carefully considered, Austin then made a resolute decision to make use of this vast supply of spiritual souls to cultivate his Soul-transforming Skill.

So Austin firmly planted his feet and stopped moving forward on the path through the mist.

Tessa, Dahlia and Faye were all following Austin very closely, and his abrupt halt caused them to pile up behind him in a collision.

The three maidens had been moving single file with Dahlia in front. With his sudden immobility, she was knocked forward against Austin, her breasts pressing tightly into his back.

"You damned lecher!"

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