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   Chapter 720 Grey And White Fog

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Austin and the others were shocked to see the grey and white fog spreading out from the end corner of the street. It slowly covered most of the avenue and crept towards the location where Austin and his companions stood.

"Back! Let's move backward. The fog looks strange! This doesn't seem right!" Austin commanded, staying alert as the fog neared them.

He could feel, instinctively, a sense of danger arousing from his heart.

"There is a pair of eyes in the white fog!"

Dahlia, the girl dressed in purple, and her maid shouted in unison.

Austin, too, immediately saw two rays of faint lights flashing away quickly within the grey and white fog.

They looked, indeed, like a pair of eyes. And except for this pair, the body could not be seen. Even though the grey mist was very thick, it could not fully cover the body of a human being or whatever creature it might be. Therefore, if there was really a body, Austin could have seen it.

However, peculiarly, the four only saw the strange pair of eyes and could not see any other parts of body or other things in the fog.

They kept observing for a moment to further scrutinize what might be in the mist.

"Not only one pair of eyes! There are many pairs of eyes there!"

Tessa exclaimed too!

As they were looking at the first pair of eyes, more and more pairs slowly appeared inside the mist. However, like the first pair, all the eyes merely flashed once and disappeared soon.

Still, mysteriously, no bodies were found in the fog.

And they could not help but feel scared at that unusual finding.

Usually, being a cultivator, Austin and the other three present had refined spiritual sense and were not supposed to be afraid of actual ghosts. But that strange occurrence still made them more or less feel frightened.

"Oh, no! Look! There is white mist flying from the back!"

The girl in the purple dress shouted again.

Indeed, there were clouds of fog spreading from the end of the opposite street and flying towards them. Aghast, they had no idea where the fog had originated.

With the strange fog locking them from where they stood, the four could not find a way to escape from it.

"Austin, how about we go and hide in the houses along the street?"

Tessa suggested, seeing the approaching fog slowly surrounding them.

"That might not work. Even if we hide in th

, making the whole space vibrate with low sounds and a strange chorus effect.

The murmurs gradually affected the person who heard it, blurring their minds slowly. Unconsciously, they followed the trails of the sounds and started to murmur the same words.

As the grey and white fog moved closer, Austin and his companions were affected by the murmurs of these spiritual souls on different levels.

Austin was surprised to find that his spiritual souls within his Souls Sea seemed to be summoned by a call. They showed a sign as if they were about to leave his Soul Sea with the loosen connection with his mind.

However, Austin's spiritual sense was very strong that he once sensed the sign, he immediately sobered up. He then released his powerful spiritual sense in his Soul Sea to form a solid wall of spiritual sense, shielding his spiritual souls and keeping those impact out of his mind.

"Where is my body?

Where is my body?"

Suddenly, Austin was surprised to find that the three ladies beside him began to murmur gently in the same way.

'That's dangerous! Based on the strength of their spiritual sense, if I do not intervene, I am afraid that their spiritual souls would soon fly out of their bodies!"

Austin started to understand from where the flock of spiritual souls in the fog originated.

Was it possible that these humans, like the four of them, accidentally encountered the mysterious mist and were trapped here? Their spiritual souls were influenced by the murmurs, separating them from their bodies, and wandering around in the fog.

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