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   Chapter 718 Lost!

Rebirth of Martial God By Smoke Characters: 10895

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Above a valley covered by dense jungle in the Sunset Mountain, a strange Corrosive Cloud appeared out of nowhere and took Austin, along with his three companions away. About half an hour later, hundreds of people flew past the place where the Corrosive Clouds had appeared.

The three leaders of the group were cursing in frustration and regret.

"Damn it! Do you remember the shadow? Its appearance on the Crystal Mine Mountain must represent the emergence of the treasures of the ancient master!

An wrong step has caused us lifelong regret. We missed a great opportunity and that kid took what should have been ours.

What a shame!"

"Yes, we are a step too late.

In my opinion, the shadow is the spiritual sense left by the ancient master.

Alas! It's too late to repent or brood over spilled milk!"

"I think that kid named Austin must have taken the treasures.

We have all seen that kid before. So we may still have a chance.

We can work together and track his whereabouts. So we can take the treasures back.

He is a tough nut to crack, especially with his tremendous physical strength and his use of so many strong diabolic beasts and corpse demons.

So the only way to defeat him is by working together, not by an individual forceful attack. We could hold a party and bring him to defeat him with a surprise attack.

It is still possible for us to take the ancient master's treasures back."

"Yeah, that makes sense. Okay, I agree. Let's do it!"

The three people plotting were the Sect Leaders of the Flying Fish Sect, the Iron Palm Sect and the Evergreen Sect.

When the four Master Realm cultivators arrived at the Crystal Mine Mountain, the three Sect Leaders fled away with their subordinates and stayed in the Sunset Mountain for a day. Once the coast was clear, they started off with their people and horses to leave the mountain.

Shortly after, they arrived at the place where Austin and the girls had disappeared.

Suddenly, something strange happened.

A mass of Corrosive Cloud floated towards them from the dense forest in the valley.

The cloud was extremely wide, with a diameter of hundreds of miles. Without even realizing what had happened, the hundreds of people from the three sects were enveloped in the dark cloud.

One after the other, they gradually lost their sight and their spiritual sense couldn't perceive anything neither. It was as if something trapped them in a pitch-black world.

What was worse, they couldn't activate their vital energy, so they could not fly forward, which in essence meant they were stuck in the cloud and couldn't move a step.

"What the hell is this?!"

"Damn it! I can't move! Somebody, please help me!". .

Everyone was in a state of panic, behaving erratically and screaming in fear. The leaders, who were the strongest among them, were no exception.

Shortly after, the Corrosive Clouds disappeared without a trace. The sky became crystal clear again as if nothing had ever happened.

A few seconds later…

A flash of blade suddenly appeared sight from the distance.

The flash of the blade was so strong that it split the space into two and the air rolled away to both sides.


A strapping man stoppe

basically disappeared in that place. When they realized their predicament the girls screamed in panic.

They could hardly release or perceive anything.

So the girls could only see things with their eyes.

They walked for almost an hour in the streets of the city.

"Austin, look! Isn't this where we were before?  We seem to have circled back to where we originally began!"

Suddenly, Tessa stopped him, whispering. She was a careful observer.

Austin was puzzled at first, but soon realized what she was saying and surveyed the area carefully.

Sure enough, there was a restaurant in front of him. The dusty signboard had fallen on the ground, but they could still recognize the characters on it. It read: "Good Luck Restaurant".

It was exactly what they had seen when they first arrived in the city.

However, what alarmed Austin was that he remembered that they were walking straight to the city center.

'How was it possible that they had returned to the same place after an hour's walk?

Is it possible that the four of them turned around without realizing?' Austin wondered in dismay.

"Let's try again and take another direction," suggested Austin.

The girls had no objection. So they took the opposite direction this time.

An hour later.

"Oh no! We came back again!"

the girls exclaimed in unison.

Of course, Austin also realized.

It was still the same Good Luck Restaurant that they had earlier seen.

"Oh God! What's wrong with this place? Please help us out!

We seem to be lost!

What are we going to do, lecher?"

Dahlia cried helplessly.

"Could it be a maze?"

Austin mused, frowning.

"Austin, look! It is misty over there!"

Suddenly, Tessa said, pointing towards the end of the street.

Everyone's gaze followed the direction which her finger pointed. Streams of gray smoke began to diffuse slowly at the end of the street.

A few seconds later, the grey smoke had covered the end of the street and was still coming towards the four.

The houses appeared as a blur in the grey mist. It seemed that the houses, along with the street, were twisting, as if they were alive.

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