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   Chapter 718 A Weird City (Part Two)

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Austin threatened her. His face was menacing and Dahlia knew he meant business.

"I'll never teach you, you asshole. Just do whatever you want to do to me. I don't care."

Dahlia roared in her indignation, seeming quite determined this time. She closed her eyes and straightened her neck as if preparing for an execution.

"What the hell! What's the matter with you? Aren't you afraid?"

Surprised by Dahlia's response, Austin had lost all his leverage. He didn't know what to do next.

Suddenly, his face darkened.

A huge Corrosive Cloud quickly wafted from the thick woods at the foot of the valley. It flew over the Wind Boat and shrouded it under a shadow before Austin and others could realize what was going on.

"Look! What the hell is that?"

The three girls on the Wind Boat shouted almost at the same time looking at the strange cloud.

Austin was startled as well. He could see absolutely nothing because the cloud had covered everything. He tried his spiritual sense, but, to his great amazement, he felt nothing at all. His spiritual sense had turned useless.

This new turn of events flustered Austin. He possessed a great ability of spiritual sense, which was even powerful than that of a lot of cultivators at the Master Realm. He had never failed in exerting it.

But this time it failed in the shadow of this weird cloud of darkness. His spiritual sense detected nothing at all!

Suddenly, in the middle of the darkness, saddening roars were heard as if a monster was howling in pain. The roars gradually prolonged, increasing in grief. The air stirred with every intensified howling, and spread the indignation and sorrow as far as possible.

"Tessa, come to my side. I'm feeling weird!"

Austin said to Tessa in a hurry. Since the strange cloud was powerful enough to disable his spiritual sense, there was no chance for Tessa to see or hear anything. She was entirely in the dark right now.

Tessa recalled their positions by memory and fumbled towards Austin with her hands and feet. When she touched him, she stretched out her hand and held his right hand firmly.

"What's happening, obscene guy?"

Dahlia asked, flustered. Scared by the strangeness, she and her maid had already stood near Austin and huddled by his side. Evidently, they had forgotten the unhappy memories between them. They clutched his robe tightly as if he was their only salvation at this moment. Due to the intimate distance, Austin could clearly smell the unique scent of their girlish fragrance.

In the Veritable Demon Sect headquarters, everyone treated the two girls nicely. They had seldom left the Veritable Demon Sect previously. They sneaked out from their home for this time only to make some troubles for Austin. Seeing such a terrifying thing for the first time in the

hel named Spring Garden, wine shops, weapon shops, stables and a herb shop still with a faint scent of herbs, all of which stood quietly with their entrance widely opened. But not a soul inside them.

A breeze blew. As a result, several red broken lanterns rolled on the street and flew into the air.

They walked on the main street and went deeper into the city. Around the corner of the street, they saw some bones with rotten flesh. There were several bowls, bamboo rods and other tools made with the bones.

"Is this a city without life?"

Austin took the lead and carried the group ahead. Tessa, Dahlia and her maid, like three frightened kids, followed him closely. They had held his robe tightly, afraid of being left behind by him.

The sands blew around from time to time. The city seemed cold and gloomy when winds blew through the opened windows and doors of buildings from every direction and revealed the lack of vitality. The fading sun in the dusk shed a dim red light on the city to form a screen of shadow with the seething sands in the air. Everything seemed unclear due to this screen of shadow and sand. An atmosphere of decay filled every corner of the city.

Its prosperity and opulence were now a thing of the past.

When they passed a residential area, Austin noticed many luxurious mansions with a pair of red-painted gates, a sign of richness of the owners of the mason. Stone statues of lions and mythical wild animals were scattered everywhere in empty yards in front of those mansions, all lying on the grass in disorder.

Flowers and plants all withered within the yards in the mansions. But all the decorations and furniture inside those mansions clearly showed how rich and luxurious their owners had been. Now, however, they all stood dilapidated.

"What the hell was this place?" Austin and all his companions wondered.

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