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   Chapter 716 A Weird City (Part One)

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Watching his enemies escape right under his nose, Malick's anger knew no bounds. He rallied his energies and pursued them relentlessly. But the Wind Boat flew fast, and he was soon left far behind. Austin was holding Dahlia tightly in his arms under his control. He felt amazed at the lightning speed of the Wind Boat.

A gush of air filled Austin's ears while he was trying his best to keep balance on the Wind Boat. The whirling wind followed the magical boat. Austin stood at the bow of the boat, and observed the path of boat with widened eyes. Its fleeting speed was something he had never seen before.

"Fantastic! It moves so fast! How fast can it go?"

Austin exclaimed in appreciation. The Wind Boat was his focus of attention now.

Dahlia turned her face aside and pouted her lips annoyed at Austin's rudeness against her and his control of her body. She decided not to take notice of this man, no matter what he would say or do.

"Urge it to go faster. Make it run at its top speed!"

Austin ordered crudely. He was eager to know how fast the Wind Boat could fly. He fastened his grip on her hand as his tone turned more threatening.

"You're disgusting, asshole! You're only capable of peeping at a girl's chest and humiliating her, aren't you?"

Dahlia shouted in fury. She had never been threatened and bullied by a man in such a manner!

However, Austin was determined in making her do what he wanted. He strengthened his grip and was happy to see the girl's face twist in agony. As he intended, Dahlia nodded and made a movement of her hands to inject several rays of vital energy into the bow of the boat.

Austin could hear the wind blow wildly. It constantly hit him fiercely on the face.

With a severe tremble, the Wind Boat sped up all of a sudden.

The wind whirred past them. Nothing was visible. Just in the blink of an eye, the wind boat had disappeared from view.

Several minutes later, the air above a thickly-covered valley somewhere in the Sunset Mountain began to stir. Out of the blue, the Wind Boat appeared, right above the thick grasslands.

Both Austin and Tessa were stunned.

Austin was amazed at how fast the Wind Boat was. At its top speed

e as she was too thin. Her teenage-girl breasts were too immature to be attractive. She was fully aware of the fact, but it was unbearable for her to hear anybody else to point it out to her and that too in front of her.

"Teach me the fist skills that you used, and then I'll let you go."

Austin was so impressed with the fist skill Dahlia had performed that he had no choice but to raise the request.

"No way!

You can not even dream of it!"

Dahlia roared in fury at Austin's crazy idea.

"That's our secret skill. No one outside the Veritable Demon Sect is allowed to learn it!"

The maid said in a hurry, looking quite agitated.

"If you're not willing to teach me that skill, then I have to peel off all your clothes or take away your Wind Boat. Maybe I can draw a turtle on the left side of your face and a toad on the right side.

Be patient, girl. I have a number of tricks designed just for you!"

Austin assumed a filthy attitude in front of the two girls as he was desperate to learn the fist skill. He threatened them with a brazen, shameless face.

Crossing her arms, Tessa watched the scene unfolding in front of her with great interest.

"You... are an evil demon! Shame on you!"

Dahlia felt both enraged and startled, her sparkling eyes widened out of amazement.

"Hey, beauty, you've known what kind of a person I was from the very beginning, right?

Make a choice, now. Are you going to teach me the fist skill or not?"

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