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   Chapter 716 Strip You Naked!

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Tessa suddenly realized that the two maidens' reputation was blemished simply because Austin had run across them when they took the bath.

Seeing the two maidens assume a posture of interrogation, Tessa couldn't help but smile to herself in amusement.

"You said you had passed us unintentionally, but the truth is that you were lurking beside the lake since long to peep at us. I can't believe you are still trying to act innocent!"

Dahlia sounded outraged.

"Forget it, I don't have time to quibble with you.

Tessa, let's go," Austin said.

Both of them decided not to pay attention to these two maidens, and tried to avert the conversation.

"This is unacceptable! I can't let this insult pass by. I must teach this lecher a lesson."

Dahlia swiftly jumped down from the gently rocking boat floating in the air and stood before Austin and Tessa in a jiffy, displaying her outstanding bodily movement skill.

Suddenly, thick, black hair grew out from her white flesh as her delicate-looking right arm swelled wildly.

In the blink of an eye, her right arm had grown thick and long like a chimpanzee's. The muscles hunched and rippled beneath the skin.

"What the hell just happened?!"

Austin and Tessa were astonished.

"Lecher, watch this!"

Dahlia lifted her husky right arm and made out a set of fist positions with artful attack angles and fierce force.

The fist split into two fist shadows when it reached in front of Austin and hit against him powerfully, each one carrying an extremely overwhelming amount of pure physical strength.

Austin was greatly shocked by the powerful physical strength of that maiden.

He pushed Tessa out of the area enveloped by the fist wind before delivering a punch with a force of three hundred thousand pounds to counterattack. But Austin hadn't put all of his potential physical strength in this punch.


Accompanied by a series of sharp sonic booms, a large amount of stones and dirt rose and crashed back on the ground. It seemed as if torrential rain had just hit the land.

Dahlia took several steps backward and stared at Austin, shock written all over her face. She hadn't expected Austin to be so powerful.

Nor did she expect that her secret flesh incantations and exquisite fist positions hadn't helped her to gain an upper hand in the fight.

She would have admitted her failure if Austin used vital energy martial arts skill. On the contrary, he had used pure physical strength instead. This had put Dahlia off.

"How could it be possible? How could your physical strength be so powerful?"

The maidservant who was watching the fight on the boat had gasped audibly. Her mouth was still agape in surprise.

"This maiden's fist positions were so amazing!"

Austin too was slighly surprised by the consequence of his response.

"Lecher, here you go again!"

Refusing to give in to Austin, she exercised a few more delicate fist positions and dashed at Austin. The fist illusions fit beatifully with her illusions of blanketting the earth and covering the sun's shine.

Each swift punch was filled with a force of three hundred thousand pounds.

For normal warriors in the cultivation base of Imperial Realm, it would have been close to impossible to stand these intense hard blows.

But it was quite easy for Austin to deal with them with his four hun

The blade light was approaching him from behind and the sky rumbled.

The man who chased Austin was called Malick who came from the Sky Sect. He was an overmatch at Master Realm. He had asked Caspar about Austin's direction of departure before leaving the Crystal Mine Mountain. Taking a chance, he had somehow found Austin.


Austin extended his left hand to Dahlia's collar and stared at her breast with malicious eyes.

'This lecher can go to any lengths for sex. It seems he is really going to strip me naked.'

Dahlia's face turned pale.

"You are pressing me too hard. I cannot let out my vital energy force."

Dahlia pouted with tears in her eye sockets. She was a high-handed little princess in the Veritable Demon Sect and everybody was afraid of her.

But now she was suffering the bully from this lecher.

Austin removed some of his force on her shoulder.


I am going to strip your clothes!"

His right hand had extended towards her white, delicate and seductive chest.

Without hesitation, Dahlia let out her vital energy force and hit a specific point on the bow of the boat.


The boat jetted to the distance leaving behind streaks of green light.

"Lad, there is no escape for you!"

At that moment, Malick was less than three hundred meters from Austin.

Seeing the boat dash out and turned into a green light, he cried out in frustration.

Then he drew his saber and slashed into the air. Instantly, a strip of dazzling blade aura the shape of a door sheet slashed against the boat from above.

Obviously he had underestimated the Wind Boat's flight speed.

The blade light was no match for the boat's speed. About seven hundred meters away, the boat became smaller and smaller and vanished in the distance.

Not willing to let go so easily, Malick activated his bodily movement skill and ran after the boat.

A moment later, the boat had disappeared even from Malick's spiritual sense.

"Damn it! This is terrible!"

He threw his head back and roared, as his saber slashed across the forest nearby.

The entire sky rumbled.

The earth shook and mountains moved when hundreds of towering trees were cut off halfway, producing clouds of smoke and dust.

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