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   Chapter 714 The Crazy Emperor Realm

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At the time, Caspar had led the people of the Sky Sect and walked up to Malick, to greet him politely.

"Well, tell me what just happened in this mountain just now?"

Malick wasn't so enthusiastic or warm towards his fellow disciples and therefore felt no need for small talk so he just blurted the question right away.

His attitude towards his colleagues and subordinates made sense because he was a martial artist of the Master Realm, and in the Sky Sect, martial artists of the Imperial Realm like Caspar could not compare to him.

"Malick, I had received an order from the steward before and he asked me to take some disciples to come and investigate and explore what was actually inside the Crystal Mine Mountain.

However, I didn't expect that before we could enter the mountain peak, a young man called Austin suddenly appeared and killed about forty to fifty disciples of the Sky Sect. The young man was very strong and vicious. He was also cruel, ferocious and was very powerful physically.


Caspar told Malick everything that had happened in detail.

He had brought one hundred disciples with him and Austin had killed almost half of them. Caspar knew that if the Elders in the Sky Sect knew about his transgressions and held him responsible for the matter, he would be seriously punished for his neglect.

So at that moment, he was anxious about his own fate deep in his heart. That was why he told Malick about the issue right away after seeing him. He was also trying to change the narrative so that he would make himself look innocent in the whole matter while hoping to shift the blame so that they wouldn't blame him much.

"What ?"

After hearing Caspar's words, the look on Malick's face suddenly changed.

"A young boy named Austin killed almost fifty of our disciples? What the hell! How did that happen? How dare someone in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom kill our disciples! We are the Sky Sect for God's sake. How could he massacre disciples from our faction on such a large scale!

Who the hell is this Austin kid? He had beaten even the Magic Harp Player of the New Moon Sect hard!

How did this young boy suddenly rise in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom?" Malick was so shocked that he kept asking questions that nobody could answer.

"Malick, he seemed no more than twenty years old. And his cultivation base was excellent as hell. His speed was also out of this world! He was extremely fast. Al

artists of the Master Realm all lost their cool and started frantically whispering.

But one couldn't really blame them for their frantic actions. There hadn't been a martial artist who had reached the Emperor Realm for the past few hundreds of years in the Prime Martial World.

For whatever reason, no matter how hard the martial artists worked and practiced, and no matter how talented they were, still, nobody could reach the Emperor Realm.

Some had guessed that maybe the laws of the Prime Martial World had changed, and there would never be a martial artist who could break through to the Emperor Realm ever again.

So it wasn't a surprise that the four martial artists would be this shocked. If their Elders were here, they would have also been shocked when they knew that a silhouette of an ancient martial artist of the Emperor Realm appeared.

"By the way, when the silhouette appeared only Austin was in the mountain at that time.

So there's no doubt that the treasures of that ancient martial artist of the Emperor Realm must have been taken away by that young man.

All right. From now on, we Sky Sect will do everything we can to arrest Austin!"

Malick shouted aloud in an excited voice. His face was all red from excitement at the thought of arresting Austin.

"We New Moon Sect will also do everything we can to arrest Austin!"

"We the Ghost Puppet Sect too, will try our best to arrest him!"

"And we the Magic Hand Sect will also try to arrest him with all our strength!"

The other three martial artists of the Master Realm all shouted out loudly in a determined tone after hearing what Malick had said.

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