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   Chapter 712 Four Master Realm Cultivators

Rebirth of Martial God By Smoke Characters: 7110

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Upon sensing the arrival of Master Realm cultivators, many warriors had left the Crystal Mine Mountain.

They were aware that they might get killed by those stronger cultivators. So, they gave up their chance of searching for the treasures in the mountain.

However, the Sky Sect members, including Caspar, acted differently. Instead of fleeing like the others, they gazed at the arriving strong masters.

"Look! Malick is over there. With his help, this Crystal Mine Mountain will be our sect's property.

Hmph! Austin killed many of our companions. I bet he has got some valuable stuff from this mountain. Malick will not let him go!"

When Caspar spoke of Austin, he was so furious that he gritted his teeth with so much hatred.

Austin was supposed to be weaker than Imperial Realm cultivators like Caspar since he was only at the medium stage of Sky Realm. But since Austin possessed mighty physical strength, he was far stronger than Caspar.

The fact that he was no match to a cultivator at the Sky Realm was an insult to Caspar. With such embarrassment, he wanted Austin dead.

All of a sudden, a huge eagle appeared in the sky from the north.

It was over 200 meters wide and with its wings flapped, its shadow casted a big shade on the ground.

The eagle fluttered its wings with the wind, flying fast in several miles within seconds.

With a red cloak, a strong man in armor stood on the back of the huge eagle. The man gave off a dangerous and dominating vibe.

"He is Oliver, a Master Realm cultivator from the Ghost Puppet Sect.

The eagle he is riding is as strong as a Master Realm cultivator, and Oliver is considered one of the elites of his sect.

We are no match for him. Let's get out of here. Hurry!" one of those cultivators who were busy evacuating exclaimed with fear.

He then activated more of his vital energy to speed up.

Upon hearing this, his companions accelerated their speed to leave the mountain too.

Meanwhile in the southern sky, a good-looking man, dressed in white like a well-read scholar, made his appearance.

While he was flying, he wa

nough for her. Well, stop looking at me like that. Let's get back to our business,"

he sarcastically remarked while reminding the handsome man to stay focused.

"I saw a light beaming into the sky from this mountain. I can feel it was from a strong sword cultivator. That's a sign of invaluable treasure.

The elders of our sect didn't pay much attention to this Crystal Mine Mountain, so they just sent a principal disciple to collect information about this mountain.

But it seems like something precious and invaluable is hidden in the depths of this mountain.

What do you think of the light appearing over the sierra?"

Malick suddenly cut in.

"Some of our weak disciples had been sent here to gather information so that we can know whether this mountain is valuable, but unfortunately, to our great dismay, they all got killed.

I know nothing about this mysterious mountain," said the man of the Sky Sect.

The man from the Magic Hand Sect also shook his head, hinting that he didn't know much about the Crystal Mine Mountain too.

Suzy of New Moon Sect remained silent.

The four hadn't given much attention to the mountain until now.

"Alright. I think guessing will not help us at all.

I saw some people over there. We can ask them what happened here,"

Suzy suddenly proposed when they all remained silent deducting what might have possibly occurred in the mountain.

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