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   Chapter 712 Sword Aura In The Sky

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Suddenly, A pure and sharp sword intent shot from the sword. It rose up into the sky.

It was so powerful that the cloud color changed. Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sword aura exploded in the sky, and a deep pit appeared.

Instantly, a mirage appeared on the dark clouds while cold rainfall dropped from the deep pit that was created. Thunder and lightning littered the sky creating the illusion of Heavenly Fires as they kindled the sky.

The sword intents created a catastrophic sign as a sign of a doomsday attack or a natural disaster.

In a few moments, a light flashed in the dark sky, and a mirage of many swords unexpectedly appeared. Shadowy figures of tens of thousands of swords created an illusion giving the impression that it was a hidden kingdom of swords. Everyone could see shadows of millions of swords inside, glittering with a chilling light.

The sword aura dropped down from the sky.

"I started with a simple sword and used it to conquer the entire world. People bowed to my sword. One sword broke thousands of fighting skills, killed thousands of warriors, slaughtered gods and demons, and finally shook the universe to let them feel my strength. I'm the Sword Emperor, an unrivaled existence of the Prime Martial World."

The shadow said those words in a loud and authoritative voice. Every word was emphasized and contained the smartest sword intent, sword aura and fighting skills.

Austin and Violet suddenly felt the shadow's voice in their eardrums and almost passed out from the inconceivable pain.

Finally, above the sky, the sword aura and sword intents were united and as suddenly as they appeared, and they returned to the statue.

The shadow also disappeared from the sky.

Without hesitating, Austin leaped forward and grabbed the statue of the Sword Emperor and put it into his Space Ring.

"Violet, let's get out of here," he said.

After finding the most precious and most sought-after thing in the Crystal Mine Mountain, he did not want to waste any more time there; he knew he had to leave before it was too late.

Violet understood what Austin meant and immediately jumped into the Illusion Bead in a flash.

Austin used this bodily movement skill and flew towards the exit of the cave in a split second.

He stopped where Tessa was hiding, felt around for her right hand and rushed to the other side of the mountain as fast as possible.

"Move faster!

Something weird just happened on the mountain peak.

It must be that young man; I wonder what treasures he found? It must be something big and significant."

Immediately after Austin left the cave, dozens of warriors from Sky Sect led by Caspar, dozens of servants from the Song Clan led by Thomas, as well as three sect leaders with hundreds of other people went forward with great strength and vigor, climbing the mountain quickly and eagerly.

Shortly afterwa

They're notorious for their unreasonable and murderous behaviors, and they already killed countless people without caring whether or not they were innocent. If we continue to stay here, I'm afraid they'll make trouble for us and find an excuse to deal with us accordingly."

The master with an elegant hat sighed and acknowledged that a priceless treasure had come into this world. Each and every warrior wanted to find it on this mountain. If they had been lucky enough to possess such a treasure, they would be high up on the hierarchy of the warrior's world.

However, a warrior of the Master Realm had come here. She was much stronger than any of the warriors searching for treasures on this mountain. If these lesser warriors continued to stay here, they would get nothing. Worse still, their lives might be at risk.

To put it simply, the strongest warriors always wielded supreme power. They could bully weaker warriors without worrying about the consequences, while the latter wouldn't dare to defy them.

At that same time, a wave of blade intent suddenly appeared and cut through the white clouds on the west side of the sky, flying towards the Crystal Mine Mountain quickly.

Its tremendous momentum seemed unstoppable, and it shown brightly like a meteor flying across the sky at night.

"It's Malick, a Master Realm fighter from the Sky Sect.

Let's go! Stay here and you'll be the dead meat very soon."

"Go, go! Hurry up. Malick is a Demon-slaughtering Sword wielder, and he has no equal in this world. There is not a chance that we'll survive his attack. Let's get out of here before it's too late."

Immediately, all warriors of the Sky Realm and Imperial Realm, whether they had been searching for treasures inside the cave or on the hillside, started to run away, by flying to the sky or by using their bodily movement skill to hide. None of them dared to stay there and risk their own life.

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