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   Chapter 711 The Sword Emperor

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It was just as they had expected. Under the mountain, there were superior vital energy crystals.

"Violet, gnome, come out to collect the vital energy crystals,"

Austin called out. Violet and the gnome immediately jumped out from the Illusion Bead.

Violet and the gnome were demonic beasts who had good speed. They acted extremely quickly, not being a bit slower than Austin.

Once they were out, Violet and the gnome began to pick up the superior vital energy crystals that were scattered everywhere.

Suddenly, the gnome paused. It then pointed towards Austin's right side.

"The gnome is asking you to dig the ground on your right."

Violet understood and explained to Austin what the gnome meant by its gestures.

Hearing that, Austin became very excited. The gnome was very sensitive to the natural resources which contained abundant spiritual energy of heaven and earth, so he thought that the direction in which it had pointed might be the place the divine vital energy crystals were buried.

Like a furious humanoid beast, Austin threw a number of punches, each weighing 400, 000 pounds towards the direction in which the gnome had pointed.

Whenever a punch landed, the ground cracked and left a path of several meters wide before him.

After repeating the same thing for a dozen times, he sensed a strong spiritual energy.

Austin looked carefully and saw purple mist slowly rise from the path. Under the purple mist were scattered more than twenty crystals which were of the size of a fist.

He could feel that the density and the purity of the spiritual energy present in those crystals had reached an incredible degree.

Compared to those crystals, the spiritual energy contained in the superior vital energy crystals was nothing at all.

"These must be the divine vital energy crystals!"

Austin and Violet cried out in unison.

The gnome was equally excited. It stared at the divine vital energy crystals, and kept jumping up and down.

But something caught Austin by surprise. The crystals were laid out in circular shape like a ring.

In the middle of the circle stood a human statue. Austin couldn't tell what material it was mad

r consciousness and bodies seemed out of control in front of that man, and they felt themselves as humble as two ants.

"God! It is nothing but a wisp of will! Nobody knows how long ago the Sword Emperor had left the mortal world, so it is really incredible that the will he left is still so strong!" Austin suddenly thought of something.

'Wait! What was that! He said that he had reached the highest level of swordsmanship in the Prime Martial World... that means.... he had already reached the Overload level. It is the highest Imperial Stage of swordsmanship cultivation!

Besides, the Imperial Stage is the most powerful in the Prime Martial World. When a cultivator reaches this level, he is certainly be able to break the space barrier.

He said that he had put all his swordsmanship cultivation base into the Sword Emperor statue, then if I get this statue, I can get the lifelong swordsmanship cultivation base of the Sword Emperor!'

Austin's heart thumped wildly.

The shadow of the man repeated what he had said, "I have put all my understanding of swordsmanship into the stone statue of the Sword Emperor. I hope someone who happens visit this place in the future gets it. Just regard it as my last contribution to the Prime Martial World.

Alas, I wonder if I will ever have the chance to come back to the Prime Martial World again."

After repeating the last sentence several times, the shadow suddenly unsheathed his sword.

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