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   Chapter 710 The Superior Vital Energy Crystal Mine

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After Austin had destroyed the Cyan Sect's location in the Full Moon City, all members of the Cyan Sect had been out searching for Austin throughout the Elite Holy Kingdom using all of the means at their disposal.

But Austin had already returned the way which he had come and he arrived at the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom unscathed. Since he was no longer in the Elite Holy Kingdom, it was unsurprising that nobody from the Cyan Sect could find him.

And thus the Cyan Sect was placed in a truly embarrassing position. The elders lost their tempers and could not wait to find out how Austin could have successfully escaped without leaving a trace.

Soon they traced it back to Tessa and they discovered that Tessa was like an elder sister to Austin. So it was likely Tessa who had helped Austin.

Although Tessa explained to the elders again and again that she had only met Austin once and knew nothing about Austin, the elders of the Cyan Sect seemed not to believe what she had said and demanded that she find Austin in a short time and bring him back to them. If she could not finish this task, she would be torturing to death.

Luckily, with the secret help of a steward, Tessa was able to run away and escape from the Cyan Sect and came to the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. After suffering a lot, she had finally found a chance to join the Iron Lady Mercenary Team.

But to her surprise, she met up with Austin again on the Sunset Mountain. What a coincidence!

On hearing Tessa relate what had happened, Austin finally knew how Tessa had become a member of the Iron Lady Mercenary Team.

Austin felt sorry for Tessa, because it was he that got her in trouble. Because of him she was forced to leave her hometown and now lived a rootless life.

About fifteen minutes later, Austin and Tessa had finally reached the Crystal Mine Mountain.

It was a small mountain, round and delicate, shaded by trees. The mountain was so round that it looked like a bowl had been placed upside-down on the ground. Dense spiritual energy gathered in the form of clouds of purple mist, covering the sky above the whole peak.

Climbing to the top of the mountain, both Austin and Tessa felt a suddenly soothing and calming fresh breath enter their lungs.

"If there is superior vital energy crystal inside the mountain, then the place with the densest purple mist would be where the divine vital energy

plummeted from the air. Austin threw a full punch and the ancient evil ape unleashed its power with its millstone-shaped fists. All of them aimed at the same target simultaneously.

These three horrible forces; from the Purple Vital Stone, Austin's fists, and the ancient evil ape's fists jointly exploded on the same ground.

A mighty roar spread out in all directions.

The whole peak shook so sharply that Tessa fell down and hugged the ground, fearing for her life. It felt like a magnitude 10 earthquake!

With a large rumbling sound, the ground of the slope collapsed and formed a hole as big as a plot of several acres. Around the hole were cracks, a few meters wide, running off in all directions like glass fracturing.

Discovering the mess on the ground, Tessa was stunned and stood by mutely.

"Tessa, you'd better go up and find a shelter for yourself. I'll go and check what is going on down there," Austin said to Tessa.

In this case, it was best not to bring Tessa down to the hole in the ground with him, because nobody knew exactly what the condition of the hole in the ground was. In case of any danger, he would have to pay more attention to keeping Tessa safe, which would make the situation worse.

Tessa clearly understood why Austin had said so, so she quickly obeyed and drifted higher where she was out of harm's way.

Austin jumped into the hole in the ground, a small speck falling into the abyss.

The hole was over ten meters deep, so it took Austin quite a while to land at the bottom of the hole, where he found...

"Superior vital energy crystals!"

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