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   Chapter 709 I Remember You

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There seemed to be something that was stopping Austin's punches from hitting around Isis' delicate body.

'Damn it! She's wearing a magic defensive armor! Together with the vital energy she released, it had blocked my two hundred thousand pounds punch like a piece of cake!' complained Austin silently.

In succession to the first punch he did, Austin hurled another quick blow towards the woman using his left fist.

What he did was a left-right combination punch.


And finally, he was able to break the vital energy armor of Isis into splinters.

"Puff! Puff ..."

Her clothes instantly turned into rags as it got torn from the powerful impact.

"Ah! "

She screamed on the top of her lungs and immediately activated an amulet. In a blink of an eye, a mysterious force quickly engulfed her and took her eight hundred meters away.

"Austin! How dare you? I will never forget you. And I will kill you with my own hands one day! Just wait! You will pay for this!"

Her voice faded away as she hurriedly escaped from the fight.

"Damn! I should have killed her.

She will bring nothing but trouble,"

mumbled Austin. A bitter smile cracked his lips as he shook his head regretfully.

"But hey! That fight wasn't so bad. I saw her naked body and it's worth it! My physical strength is enough to deal with her sound attacks. I can still easily kill her in the future regardless of how much progress she'll make. All I need to do is to improve my Beast Energy-extracting Skill. There's no reason to be afraid of her at all. She just got really lucky today."

The broken amulet had stirred Austin's interests.

He had heard about amulets that could transport their users into far places before. However, he never had a chance to see one while he was in the Violet Orchid Empire. The location of the mentioned empire was just too remote to even have access to such wonders.

Thus, this was the very first time he saw how the amulet worked.

Meanwhile, all the other cultivators around Austin were now looking at him in utter surprise.

It wasn't that long yet since Isis took their attention after killing all the members of the Tiger Mercenary Team with just her magic harp.

Seeing someone as powerful as her flee shamefully from a fight was definitely something! She didn't just escape like a coward dog, she was almost naked earlier. All thanks to this young man!

Was it even possible for an unknown boy from Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom to be much more powerful than the well-known Magic Harp Player?

"Oh man, now I see! You the one who killed the decades of disciples of our sect, aren't you?"

Caspar of the Sky Sect, suddenly exclaimed.

"Yes, it was me.

You are more than welcome to take revenge against me,"

replied Austin while smiling calmly.

He knew this topic would be brought up shortly after he defeated Isis.

"Boy, you... How dare you have the ner

stronghold of the sect.

"Morton, why do you look so terrible? What happened?"

Leef could see that the Veritable Demon Sect disciples led by Morton all seemed like canaries that had been terribly scared by a giant cat.

It was then that Morton opened his mouth to tell his story in details.


A boy named Austin drove a wedge between you and Isis? Did you really just say that he forced you away?

Humph! How dare they? Isis is such a bitch! How dare she has the nerve to be so rude to our Veritable Demon Sect people?

Take me to them! I'll give Isis a good lesson! Otherwise, we will not be able to live in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom!

Moreover, I will hunt that boy too and slam him into meat mud."

Leef was gritting his teeth furiously.

Hearing what the middle-aged man said, Morton immediately led the group of people of the Veritable Demon Sect toward the place where the battle took place.

"By the way, Morton, keep this picture. It's a portrait of the man wanted by our sect. Remember his face!"

said Leef as he threw out a picture to Morton.

Grabbing it and having a look, Morton was startled.

"It's him! This is the same guy!"

Morton cried out. He then added, "He is Austin! He was the one who cast in a bone between Isis and us!"

Shocked, Leef and John ended up staring at Morton.

"What a stroke of luck! We found him without much effort!"

said Leef with a laugh! He and John instantly became excited. The boy was wanted by the Sect Leader. If they could arrest him, they would receive a handsome reward.

"Speed up!" John commanded their troops.

The Veritable Demon Sect people all obeyed and moved to the direction advised by Leef.

By that time, Tessa and Austin were still on their way to the Crystal Mine Mountain. While traveling, Tessa told Austin about why she came to the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom and how she became a member of the Iron Lady Mercenary Team.

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