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   Chapter 707 You Must Pay The Price

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"Screw you! You will pay for this one way or another!"

Austin said through clenched teeth. He had been carefully keeping his strengths under wrap, but now there was no point.

It was no exaggeration to say that the woman in front of him was the most powerful Imperial Realm cultivator he had ever met.

So if he still thought about pulling his punches under the circumstances, he might as well put himself in a dangerous situation.

Moreover, the Iron Lady Mercenary Team had infuriated him so much that he just wanted to kill every last one of them. He didn't see the point in showing any mercy.

Austin smacked his waist and unleashed twelve rays of light. They shot and landed on the ground in front of him.

The twelve light balls quickly transformed into six scorpion-tailed leopards of level nine, five corpse demons, and an ancient evil ape. Together, they rushed to the female warriors from the Iron Lady Mercenary Team like twelve bright arrows.

The ancient evil ape was as powerful as a cultivator at the medium stage of Imperial Realm, while the corpse demons, were refining between the primary and medium stage of the Imperial Realm. Those scorpion-tailed leopards were also very intimidating and skilled, with their levels went as high as the premium stage of Sky Realm.

When fighting alongside one another, they made an unstoppable team, even for the Iron Ladies.

Apart from the head of the team, there were only four Imperial Realm masters in that group of ladies. But what they were facing now was a group of crazy beasts at nearly the same levels of six Imperial Realm masters PLUS six warriors of Sky Realm. The ladies screamed. They were terrified.

Those five corpse demons ran out to take the lead. They came at the ladies hard. The team was soon covered by the miasma, which was released by the demons. This blurred their vision and slowed the ladies down. And in the fog of corpse miasma, claws contaminated with ptomaine struck out as quick as lightning.

"What the hell is happening?!"

Although having refined at the Sky Realm, most members of the Iron Lady Mercenary Team hadn't experienced anything like the corpse demons. They turned pale at once and tried to escape desperately. Admist the many screams and yells, four to five beautiful women were hit by those poisoned claws. Wailing and begging, they couldn't move and had to lie there watching the claws coming for them.

"Calm down, and fight back!" The head commanded.

She came to herself as soon as possible, her face darkened. She raised her hand, and a sacred sword appeared in her palm, sparking with coldness. The sword unleashed a slashing sword-light swiftly and one of the demons near her was knocked back into the air in the blink of an eye.

To her surprise, however, no harm was done to the corpse demon other than a small hole made by the light from the sword.

She had wished that this blow would have torn the demon to pieces. Yet she had failed to see that. Since the demon wasn't physically alive, it wouldn't bleed or feel any pain, nor would it be crippled or lose the ability of moving with parts of its body cut off.

So after being knocked out over ten meters into the air and then slamming into the ground, the demon had quickly rise

't think that he should have a tender heart for a beautiful girl now. So after destroying her shelter, he followed her without hesitation and was ready to continue the battle.

"Stop, young man!"

Isis shouted when finding that Austin was already at her side like a shadow, her face full of anger and terror.

She was never good at close combats like this, especially when her rival was a young man who seemed to be filled with endless energy. Fighting head-on was the last thing she wanted.

"You started it, remember? Now I don't want to shut off this damn game! You must pay the price!"

Austin replied, gnashing his teeth. He didn't care whether it was a woman he was going to hit or not, he just wanted to teach all of them a good lesson.

Austin roared, and swung at Isis with his right hand.

With all his weight behind it, the punch seemed to have been moving in slow motion. The space was becoming distorted and the air ahead his fist was being pushed outwards to form a vacuum, sucking Isis in.

She could feel an enormous pressure coming at her from all sides as if the space around her was sealed up by invisible stone walls and she was stuck.

Thrown into panic, the girl tried all she could to free herself and played her harp like crazy.

Suddenly, a keening from the harp echoed throughout the air. .

As the music flew out, an army of sound was quickly formed from her harp and was prepared for the fierce fight.

But Austin's fist would not allow it. His fist was too quick for her sound attacks.

Right before those sound attacks left the harp, Austin's four hundred thousand pounds' punch struck them again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The army of sound was soon defeated before they could even launch an attack. The remains of it fell from the sky like broken glass.

The army had been barely formed, so it was not strong enough to protect its creator.


Isis' harp exploded into a million tiny pieces when Austin struck it.


The remaining strong force from the punch, with around two hundred thousand pounds of strength in it, hit Isis and it hit her hard.


The force hit Isis like a ton of bricks.

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