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   Chapter 707 No One Can Hurt You

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8273

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"The bad guys of the Veritable Demon Sect, it's now your turn to die!"

After Mark from the Ghost Puppet Sect was forced to run away, the sound of the instrument from the little sedan did not stop. It became more powerful and faster.

"I see! This woman wants to kill us all!"

Morton was startled.

Isis Wang, a rising star of the New Moon Sect, had a great reputation in recent years. She was especially well known for killing people with the instrument sound. She was cruel and never showed mercy to her enemies. Few people at the Imperial Realm could fight against her.

Previously, all the members of the Veritable Demon Sect and the Sky Sect had been fighting fiercely. Now that Isis had joined in, the Veritable Demon Sect would surely be defeated.

Dong! Dong! Dong! ...

Before Morton and other people had time to react, a series of notes as powerful as huge hammers pounded at the members of the Veritable Demon Sect from the sky.

Wham! Whack! ...

Instantly, the members of the Veritable Demon Sect were smashed and hammered on the head and blood flowed from their wounds like a river from the impact with the sound.

However, all the members of the Veritable Demon Sect were experts at the body refining skills and each of them was relatively strong with a powerful body; under the stressful circumstances, their powerful physical bodies showed a great difference from ordinary cultivators and reflected the benefits of having a strong body.

A while ago, she attacked the members of the Tiger Mercenary Team using the instrument sounds and blew them into tiny pieces where they turned into blood vapor on the spot.

While the disciples from the Veritable Demon Sect did not die immediately even though they were attacked by the instrument sounds and injured badly. The main reason was their powerful physical bodies.


All of you, go back!"

Morton shouted to the members of the Veritable Demon Sect. At the same time, he tried to push back the five Imperial Realm cultivators from the Sky Sect by unleashing several punches in a row at the cost of his own defense and safety. His powerful feet pushed backward and bounced hundreds of meters away from the attack.

Morton called all the disciples of the Veritable Demon Sect and led them away.

He knew clearly that if he kept on fighting the losing battle, all the disciples of the Veritable Demon Sect he had brought this time would be killed.

"Okay. Let them go this t

! How dare you speak to me like that?"

"You are so bold to speak in front of Miss Isis in that tone, young man! You will surely be dead!"

"I think this boy surely has fallen in love with that slut! He is doing this to make a good impression and win her favor!"

The women of the Iron Lady Mercenary Team started to whisper among themselves. And the more they spoke the more their words became bold and lewd.

It was hard to imagine that such good-looking women could think and speak of such obscene words.

Tessa felt embarrassed as she heard them speaking such words. She blushed while secretly looking at Austin.

"Ha-ha! Young man, I am actually a little impressed by your innocence.

Do you think you can stop us from executing that slut all on your own?"

The Team Head of the Iron Lady Mercenary Team was a pretty and charming young woman. At that moment, she giggled while her breasts bounced up and down, which made the men present turned on with their hearts beating faster.

"Young man, don't think too highly of yourself just because you have a few dead bodies and one level ten diabolic beast.

Well, now that you and that slut are deeply in love, I will make you two cherish each other forever. You can die with her!"

Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! ...

They heard again the instrument sound. Dozens of musical notes spread out from the little sedan.

Each musical note contained as much as 300, 000 pounds of force. The musical notes rushed out in a menacing and terrifying way.

"Miss Isis is really powerful!

The couple will surely die!"

The women of the Iron Lady Mercenary Team were all shouting loudly.

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