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   Chapter 705 The Doom Of Tiger Mercenary Team

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Morton was unable to battle against the joint attack of the five Sky Sect masters at the Imperial Realm.

Although he had a powerful physical strength, he couldn't use it to his best advantage. The five masters only executed special and various vital-energy attacks at him from a far distance.

The body-refining cultivators who refined their bodies to increase their physical strength excelled in close combat.

However, when they couldn't even touch a piece of their rival's clothes, they would turn into underdogs with their physical strength practically useless.

The five cultivators of the Sky Sect seemed to clearly know that point, so they did not engage close into Morton's attack range. They launched vital-energy attacks which could hit Morton from a remote position, pushing him to a dangerous situation.

Soon, deep wounds were left on Morton's body with every sharp and powerful vital-energy attack. Yet still, they were not fatal. Although the wounds deeply bled and the flesh around was curled to each side, Morton wouldn't quickly die.

Generally speaking, the body-refining cultivators who mainly focused on body refinement were stronger in terms of physique quality, tenacity, and the ability to resist attack than the cultivators who primarily paid attention to vital energy refining. Therefore, Morton could still keep fighting.

On the other side, Mark and Austin were also fighting each other.

But until now, they hadn't engaged in hand-in-hand combat.

It was the five corpse demons released by Austin and the centipede puppets controlled by Mark that fought each other, making the result unclear.

The tiger puppet and the evil ape were even in power, and it was hard to tell who would win the battle.

Mark indeed had an extraordinary ability to control puppets, judging from their strengths.

However, without the puppets, his cultivation base and combat experience were just at a normal level.

What was worse, his cultivation base was not steady, so he seldom fought the enemy himself.

That was the reason why he stared at Austin with hesitation.

He was thinking about whether or not to fight Austin himself.

This time, he just brought six puppets with him, including five centipede puppets, each of which was equal to a cultivator at the primary stage of Imperial Realm, and a tiger puppet which was as powerful as an Imperial Realm cultivator.

However, to his dismay, all the puppets were stuck in a fight with Austin's corpse demons and evil ape.

Mark was at his wit's end. It seemed that he was

arget was him. If he didn't run away this instance, he would certainly face death.

Therefore, Mark kicked the ground, and with force, he quickly retreated. At the same time, he retrieved his puppets with a wave of his hand. The tiger and five centipede puppets turned into six flashes and recoiled to his waist.

"Ha! You wish to leave?

No way!"

Isis coldly shouted from the sedan chair.

"Ding ding ding!"

A string of musical notes shot out from the sedan chair, charging towards Mark as fast as lightning.

"Miss Wang, please let me off. Our Ghost Puppet Sect quits the fight for Crystal Mine Mountain!"

Mark was almost scared to death. His vital energy force was instantaneously circulating in his body to increase his speed, reaching his extremes and feeling as if his body was on fire.

At the same time, he pointed his finger backward, unleashing the tiger puppet and five centipede puppets towards the musical notes which were flying in his direction.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The six puppets fought with the musical notes.

Mark was quite good at escaping. He had run far away from the fighting and abandoned his puppets within a second.

As soon as Mark vanished, the six puppets fell on the ground, unable to move. With the absence of their master, the puppets had no use.

"Ha! Dumb luck! If he was a little bit slow, I would have killed him!"

Isis was not willing to let him slip away from her hands.

Austin had already taken back the five corpse demons and the evil ape. Now he stared at the puppets left by Mark. He was excited as he advanced forward to grab them and put them into the Space Ring. Austin planned to study the puppets to make good use of them soon.

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