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   Chapter 704 Melee

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Tessa stared at Austin, who had successfully pitted the sects against each other.

She marveled at his intelligence and felt proud for knowing him.

The truth was, before she had come to the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom and joined the Iron Lady Mercenary Team, she had been exiled from the Elite Holy Kingdom because of Austin.

Despite that, she didn't hate him. Instead, she saw him as her little brother and was fond of him.

She knew him so well that she saw right through his plot—turning people who wanted the treasures in the Crystal Mine Mountain against each other.

She knew that Austin could eliminate all the Imperial Realm cultivators, ranging from the preliminary stage to the premium stage.

After all, Austin had slain all the disciples of the Cyan Sect in Full Moon City even though some of them had been at the Imperial Realm.

Besides, she had also heard that the leader of Full Moon City who was a Master Realm cultivator had failed to stop Austin from getting away.

Hence, she was well aware of Austin's real strength. She also speculated that he was the one who was responsible for the deaths of the dozens of disciples of the Sky Sect.

Tessa moved closer to Austin and whispered in his ear, "Austin, are you planning to take the divine vital energy crystals that are inside that Crystal Mine Mountain?"

"Forget it. Just stay close to me and do whatever I ask," Austin replied hurriedly.

He didn't have time to explain his plan to her.

Tessa nodded in agreement.

And yet, she was surprised by her own response. 'What's wrong with me? He's much younger than me. Why am I obediently following his instruction?'

Looking at the young man's back, she blushed and her mind wandered off.

Meanwhile, noticing that the members of the Sky Sect and the Iron Lady Mercenary Team were glaring at them, Mark and Morton of Veritable Demon Sect were annoyed at Austin.

"Damn it. Austin is such a cunning guy. He's so good at stirring up trouble.

He's intending to trap me to buy some time for the people of the New Moon Sect and the Sky Sect so that they can kill all my companions. Shame on him! What a shameless guy!" Mark cursed, seething with anger.

He was only at the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm, which meant that he was weak

Lady Mercenary Team to death.

The rest of the Tiger Mercenary Team members were slightly relieved after their boss had counterattacked Isis's blows. They mustered up some courage and ran toward the women of the Iron Lady Mercenary Team.

Their determined shouts reached Isis's ears.

"Hmph! What a group of losers!"

Her voice full of contempt rang out throughout the area. Soon, the notes she was playing became ten times heavier than before.

They shot toward the people of the Tiger Mercenary Team.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Each note possessed hundreds of thousands of pounds of force. Those notes could break anything.

It seemed like time was standing still.

The Tiger Mercenary Team members were approaching their enemies to fight with them.

But before they could reach their enemies, countless notes fell on their bodies. The strength of each note was over 200, 000 pounds.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Most of the Tiger Mercenary Team members were crushed and killed on the spot.

Only the three Imperial Realm masters, including the Team Head of the Tiger Mercenary Team, withstood Isis's attack by gathering all of their vital energy.

Even though they avoided ending up like their companions, they were forced to slow down.

Isis's skill was so ruthless and aggressive that she could kill most of her enemies from a distance.

In the meantime, the Sky Sect and the Veritable Demon Sect were still fighting. The disciples of both sects lost their lives in the process.

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